‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Backbone Has Beef with Busey

Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Gary Busey on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Oh, Boy!

No, wait… If there is one thing we learned from last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” it is DO NOT casually throw around the word “boy.”

At least not in the direction of John Rich.

That’s was the mistake Gary Busey, this week’s project manager for Team Backbone, made when cameras weren’t rolling — and the crotchety country star had his panties in a knot for pretty much the whole episode.

“My name is John!  I don’t know how any project manager thinks they are ever going to get any success when they refer to people who are trying to help them as ‘boy,’” he told Mr. Trump.  “I am shocked at myself that I did not flip out.  I am shocked I was able to keep it back.

“But at the end of the day I do remind myself that we are playing for charities and it would be embarrassing to act like a fool.”

To be fair, Rich – who raised almost $600,000 when he was project manager – had it out for Busey from the get go.

Watch John Call Gary A Saboteur:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Apprentice/93269/1886003279/Raising-the-Steaks/embed?skipTo=265 420 382]

“You are either crazy or you are a saboteur,” he told the loopy actor at the top of the two hour advertisement for Omaha Steaks.

“He’s either a genius or a moron,” Trump later assessed.  “I haven’t figured it out.”

Busey’s apparent rebuttal:  “I am very subtle and mysterious in my working with the team.  They are unaware of the focus I have because I don’t show them I have focus.  That is part of my art, part of my mystery.”

The two teams — (Playmate Hope Dworaczyk led the charge for A.S.A.P.) – had to put together 20-minute live presentations featuring the mail order company’s meat and seafood products.

Though the women missed the mark with their cooking demonstration (note to self: don’t ever let LaToya Jackson near fire!), it was Busey’s nonsensical story about a father flying kites with his teenage children that really lost the crowd.

In the boardroom, the women all praised Hope for her leadership.  NeNe Leakes even nearly slipped and said she did a great job – but backpedaled to “good” before heading out and wondering why everyone thinks she is the villain.

Busey tried to explain the Rich debacle by insisting he was calling the singer “Kaboy,” a made-up nickname for cowboy.

By then, the writing was on the wall.  Busey’s reign of nonsense and hilarity came to an end but not without one final, and priceless Busey-ism in the cab:

“I can turn a thunderstorm or a tornado into a rainbow,” he said.

Now let’s hope Mark Burnett can turn this bats—t crazy guy into the star of his own reality show.

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