Could ‘The Voice’ Coaches Tour? Anything’s Possible, Says Producer

The first episode of Mark Burnett’s new singing competition “The Voice” begins with celebrity coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine teaming up for a roof-raising rendition of Green’s signature hit “Crazy”.

Burnett was so impressed by the performance he now wants to take their show on the road!

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“I would like to see the four of them do something together,” he says.  “And if they want to, anything is possible. That is a ticket you would want to sign up for.  Imagine them doing all those songs on the stage together, with other guests coming in.  It is entertaining.”

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Burnett is one of TV’s busiest – and most successful producers, whose credits include “The Celebrity Apprentice” and “Survivor”.  But he hopes to concentrate more on music in the future.

“Honestly, (that’s) my dream right now,” he told us during a quick Q&A in Los Angeles.  “I would love to be producing concerts and music.  That “Crazy” thing was such fun.”

How much of a dream is “The Voice” for you?
It is a total dream.  Love it.  I love music.  And it also makes me very cool to my kids. My 17 year-old is at Coachella with all his freaky friends and Cee Lo just called him.

Is this group of musicians confirmed with you for further seasons?

We hear there may be people from other competition shows on “The Voice”.
Yes.  American Idol, Rock Star, and various other shows.  There literally were occasions where they would turn around and see people that they would see in and out of clubs and run in to.

“The Voice” will be on the same night as “America’s Got Talent”.  Is NBC big enough for both of you?
“Got Talent” is a great show.  But look, in the end, I have learned that cream rises to the top.  If you make a good show, it will tend to do well and I think this show is well made.

What did you learn from working on two season of “Rockstar”?
I made 60 episodes of “Rockstar”, which I loved.  I learned the value of good song choices.  I learned the value of making sure the talent was really, really good.  And I also learned that was quite narrow in its genre.  And that is why (this time) I wanted country.  I wanted Blake.  I wanted Cee Lo who has that R&B, hip –hop… And Christina Aguilera?  Let’s face it, she is honestly the voice for her generation.

Will contestants be allowed to perform any original material?
I am sure they will be in the end.  We are still trying to figure out the finale.  We have people on this show who have written major songs.  They just haven’t had their career yet.  They have written #1 songs.

Do you think The Voice has helped Christina weather some tough times?
Christina is awesome.  I have worked with her.  I know her.  And I know what kind of work ethic she has.  If Christina announced tomorrow that she was playing Staples Center, how quickly would it sell out?  And I would like to see the four of them do something together.  To see Blake Shelton singing “Crazy…”

What is the prize for the winner?
The prize for the winner is the recording contract with Universal/Republic.  What is it, really?  It is a launch pad.  People can easily say we will give you millions of dollars or whatever.  But who at the beginning of their career… what use is that?  All that can really do is tank you.  You have got to grow.   These (coaches) have all been in business a long time.  The real prize is you now know these four guys and you have been on television and you have a chance to really grow.

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