‘DWTS’: Is Kendra Bringing Drama for Good TV?

Kendra and Louis on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Kendra and Louis on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

For the past three episodes of “Dancing with the Stars,” the drama over judge Carrie Ann Inaba’s comments regarding Kendra Wilkinson’s fear of elegance has been played and overplayed.

But enough is enough and the two ladies have seemed to, as they say, kissed and made up. “I never said I didn’t like Carrie Ann. I think she’s one of the best people ever,” Kendra told reporters after Monday night’s show. “I told Carrie Ann…I’m like, we’re good, right? We’ve moved on. What you saw in the rehearsal package was shot in the beginning of the week. Tonight was a whole new night. I was happy, proud…let’s shake and move on. I look up to her. She knows that.”

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Inaba’s response, according to Kendra: “She was like, ‘Oh, yeah, girl!’ She was happy I came up to her and showed her love. I didn’t apologize, but I made sure she knew that I appreciate her and what she means through her messages.”

That said, some wonder if being the reality TV queen she now is, if Kendra’s talking back to the judges might have been done simply because it’s good TV.

“Maayybee,” Kendra coyly said. “I know at the end of the day it’s a family show for ABC. But at the end of that day it’s entertaining. If I were a viewer, I’d want to see a little, teeny bit of drama; not a lot – just enough drama. It gives it balance. That’s what I want to see, so that’s what I’m giving them.”

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We’ll see what America thought of the drama this week, because as pro dancer Cheryl Burke points out, complaining on-air isn’t always good for votes. “I think at the end of the day you have to be a good sport and you have to stay humble. If you don’t stay humble….” said Cheryl.

Burke’s partner Chris Jericho jumped in, saying, “You have to be able to accept criticism because that’s what the judges are there for. It would be really lame if they were like, ‘Oh, it’s the best dance we’ve ever seen.’ How? We’ve been dancing for two months. Of course there’s going to be issues you have to work on.”

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