‘DWTS’: John Travolta L.O.V.E.S Maksim

Kirstie and Maks on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Kirstie and Maks on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

John Travolta made Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s day, week, maybe even year on Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Not only did the movie star and dance king (“Saturday Night Fever,” “Grease,” “Pulp Fiction”) grace the reality show with his presence, courtesy of good friend Kirstie Alley, but he also paid the dancing pro the compliment of a lifetime.

“He loves Maks,” Kirstie told reporters backstage after the show. “He said this to me exactly. He said verbatim this, ‘Maks is the best thing to happen to dance since me.’ He’s not blowing smoke up anybody’s ass, but he really feels like he could do films. You know how John did when he did dancing films, he would change the whole culture, the way people dressed, the way people talked. He feels that way about Maks.”

Watch John Travolta’s Surprise Appearance on “Dancing with the Stars”:

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Maks added, “I looked at him and I go, ‘You know what I want to do?’ And he goes ‘What?’ I said strut. [Maks struts like Travolta did in “Saturday Night Fever.”]”

The pro dancer said the whole experience was “surreal” and put the visit up there with what meeting Al Pacino, Barack Obama or the Dalai Llama would be like. “[They] enter the room and there’s a whole lot of energy and they engulf you in it. And, you feel like, ‘Wow.’ And so when he said that, I was like, okay that’s a little much. So I told him afterward that it’s been an amazing experience and thank you for an opportunity like that.”

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It was actually Travolta’s idea to play the “Dance Doctor” in a segment of the rehearsal footage for the couple’s Fox Trot, which scored them a 23.

“Here’s what happened,” explained Kirstie. “The first night that we danced John left a 10-minute message on my phone, which I never got somehow. He’s been so supportive and so great. He always comes around, you know, he can sort of see when I’m a little ‘uhhh’ and I talked to him and I go, ‘I screwed up that week and I screwed up the next week and I’m a little uhhhh.’ And, so, he thought up the Dance Doctor bit and he came over and did it. He’s so gracious. He loves us.”

But would Travolta ever join the cast of “Dancing with the Stars?” “No,” said Kirstie. “Look, John’s doing three movies back to back starting in about three weeks and that’s what John does – movies.”

Travolta aside, the audience dropped their jaws when Maks came out not only shirtless but also wearing super low, super tight leather pants in what is, hands down, his sexiest outfit yet. “I had to talk him into taking his shirt off. But I wanted it reminiscent of when I was in high school in the early ’70s when the first “American Woman” came out and all the guys had [super low pants] and it’s like, ‘Whoa, there’s your junk.’ That’s what I grew up with. So I wanted him to do it, and I begged him, and I honestly didn’t know if he would do it even until today.”

Meanwhile, Alley – the oldest contestant on the show this season (clocking in at age 60) – says she’s feeling great.

“For the first week, I have zero pain,” Kirstie said. “I actually feel like I am in shape. I feel really, really strong and nothing is hurting. [She knocked on wood.] And my stamina is really, really high and I’m really happy about that. I bought the same dress in every size down to a 2 and I’m going, this week I’m a 6 in that dress.”

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