Busey On Backbone: They’re ‘Backstabbers’

by | April 19, 2011 at 8:20 AM | Celebrity Apprentice, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Gary Busey (ABC)

Gary Busey (ABC)

Recently fired “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Gary Busey had some choice words for his Backbone teammates on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“My group, we were called team Backbone. But they turned out to be backstabbers,” Busey told Jimmy Kimmel.

“When you see Lil Jon, John Rich and Meat Loaf…Somewhere there’s three villages missing their idiots.”

Busey thinks it was fear and envy that got him booted. “They were jealous, they were afraid – they wanted me out of there.”

When talk turned to Meat Loaf’s memorable meltdown over art supplies, Busey said: “He didn’t have anger management or rage control, and I was standing there like a military general, with integrity and dignity. I let him vent. I gave him the space he needed to shout and rumble, and I was laughing at him inside. But I was feeling sorry for him in my eyes.”

Later, Busey said he’d return for the May 22 finale of the Donald Trump reality show like a “heat-seeking missile.”

“Like a Meat-seeking missile,” Kimmel corrected.

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