Joan Rivers ‘Jealous’ of Charlie Sheen: He Has ‘No Act’

Joan Rivers (Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Joan Rivers (Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen’s public decent into warlock territory has made Joan Rivers rethink her own career path.

“I’m so jealous. He’s filling stadiums that I can’t fill. Without an act! Do you understand? I have an act and I can’t fill Radio City for a week. Charlie Sheen has NO act – he has two bimbo sluts. He’s unhappy and he’s a warlock and filling Radio City? I’m very upset,” Rivers said.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 78-year-old comedienne talked about how controlling Hollywood is, her grudge against late-night TV, and what she learned from Sheen.

“The lesson to be learned is I should have been into drugs and whoring around when I was younger,” Rivers cracked.

Instead, looking to the future Rivers, says she wants to do “everything.” She’d like to revive “Sally Marr” on Broadway, do a sitcom, or have a radio or late-night show again. She’s also busy with her WE reality show “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?“, for which she commutes cross-country from New York to Los Angeles during the week.

One thing she doesn’t feel the need to do is host the red carpet coverage of award ceremonies. Rivers says her “Fashion Police” gig on E! is a better fit. “You can’t have any fun. In the old days, a lot of stars wore their own clothes and that was fun. Kim Basinger made her dress. Demi Moore wore bicycle shorts. Sharon Stone wore a t-shirt. Now it’s all controlled. There’s a PR person right behind you and if you said something negative about Nicole Kidman’s dress last year, then you’re not going to get Tom Cruise this year because they share a publicist. So who the f*** needs it?” she said.

Rivers also misses the freedom of late-night TV, but has no time for NBC’s recent “Tonight Show” merry-go-round, still nursing her old Johnny Carson grudge, after he quit speaking to her when she went into late night. “Who cares? I was banned. F*** ’em all. Let’s see what’s on HBO. I don’t watch when I’m not invited,” she said.

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