New On DVD This Week: American Dad, The Ernie Kovacs Collection

American Dad

Agents from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment closed in on the elusive extraterrestrial named Roger. He was found residing at the home of CIA agent Stan Smith, star of the animated comedy ‘American Dad.’ Imagine our surprise! Smith has been harboring Roger in Langley Falls, VA where he lives with his not-so-smart wife Francine, his liberal hippie daughter Hayley, geeky yet cocky son Steve and a unique talking goldfish named Klaus. ‘American Dad’ Volume 6 includes all eighteen hilarious episodes of Season 5, uncensored and loaded with extras including deleted scenes and audio commentary. Buy the Volume 6 DVD right here.

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The Ernie Kovacs Collection

With a gift for inventive comedy that was alternately cerebral, goofy and just plain absurd, Ernie Kovacs transformed television’s early era into his own personal playground—and invited viewers to enjoy every sight gag and loony character. The long-awaited ‘The Ernie Kovacs Collection’ 6-DVD box set is now available on DVD. Kovacs, whose offbeat humor graced the airwaves for just a decade in the 1950s and 60s, served healthy portions of the offbeat to his audiences, who had never seen anything quite like this cigar-wielding charmer. Wickedly funny but not offensive, Kovacs’ unique humor and flair for improvisation would ripple across generations, influencing TV funnymen from Johnny Carson and Monty Python to David Letterman, Pee Wee Herman and ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Distribution of this special collection is designed to introduce audiences to Kovacs’ genius. Kovacs, who died in a 1962 car accident, left behind a stunning body of work that survives thanks to the indefatigable efforts of his wife and co-star, the late Edie Adams. Buy the Ernie Kovacs Collection right here.

Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

Get ready for ‘Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure,’ an all-new movie on Blu-ray and DVD staring Ashley Tisdale reprising her role as Disney Channel’s global sensation ‘High School Musical’ drama queen character Sharpay Evans. This fabulous adventure follows the blonde-haired diva on her own adventure, as she travels to New York City hoping to make it big. But Sharpay has a hard road ahead, when she realizes that in the real world, leading roles aren’t handed over to talented teenagers on a silver platter.Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

It’s a rap: the final season of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ The Fresh Prince’s reign is over. Will Smith and the rest of the hilarious cast take their final bows with all 24 Season 6 Episodes on 3 Discs. A lot’s happened since Will’s life got flipped, turned upside down and he showed up at the Banks’s Bel-Air doorstep. And the final season keeps the fun rollin’ to the very end with hip comedy style, phat one-liners, a not-to-be-missed blooper episode, and guest stars that include William Shatner, B.B. King, Dick Clark, Richard Roundtree, Wayne Newton and – in a standout turn – Chris Rock as an on-the-rise comic and his butt-ugly sister. Any guess who ends up as Will’s date for a night for dancin’ and (ugh) romancin’? You go, Will! Buy the Season 6 DVD right here.

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The perfect party companion, enjoy the most talked about musical performances with ‘Glee‘ Encore, now available on DVD. The hit musical television series now has more Billboard Magazine Hot 100 chart entries than any other artist, topping Elvis Presley and James Brown. This full-length DVD features a set list of Season One’s most sensational musical numbers – back to back so the party never has to end! Experience all your favorite hit songs by Lady Gaga, Madonna, Journey, and much more. Buy the DVD right here.

Father Knows Best

Robert Young stars as Jim Anderson in the final season of the television classic ‘Father Knows Best.’ Throughout the previous 5 seasons, we’ve watched Betty, Bud and Kathy grow up under the watchful eye of the best in the business. A lot has changed through the years but the loving relationships are still much the same. A must have for fans of the classic TV shows, DVD collectors and fathers everywhere, the 5-disc Father Knows Best: Season Six set is a must have! Buy the Season 6 DVD right here.

Gulliver’s Travels

A hilarious zero-to-hero story about a larger-than-life Average Joe, ‘Gulliver’s Travels‘ is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. This family-friendly misadventure features side-splitting moments with epic wedgies, Lilliputian foosball, and a square-off duel with a robot! Jack Black (‘Kung Fu Panda’) brings his irreverent humor to this adventure-comedy based on the classic tale. To impress the pretty newspaper travel editor Darcy (Amanda Peet), an underachieving mailroom clerk named Gulliver (Black) takes a writing assignment traveling to Bermuda. When a shipwreck lands him on the fantastical island of Lilliput, he transforms into a giant — in size and ego! Gulliver’s tall tales and heroic deeds win the hearts of the tiny Lilliputians, but when he loses it all and puts his newfound friends in peril, Gulliver must find a way to undo the damage. Through it all, Gulliver may just learn that it’s how big you are on the inside that counts. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Way Back

Four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan and Colin Farrel) star in this epic saga of survival from six-time Oscar-nominee Peter Weir. Inspired by an incredible true story, ‘The Way Back‘ begins in 1940 when seven prisoners attempt the impossible: escape from a brutal Siberian gulag. Thus begins a treacherous 4,500-mile trek to freedom across the world’s most merciless landscapes. They have little food and few supplies. They don’t know or trust each other. But together, they must withstand nature at its most extreme. Their humanity is further tested when they meet a teenage runaway who begs to join them on their quest. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

A Mind to Kill

Acclaimed actor Philip Madoc (‘The Last of the Mohicans’) returns to the dark police drama as DCI Noel Bain, a worldly detective who uses insight and intelligence to solve monstrous crimes in ‘A Mind to Kill.’ Aired widely in U.K in the mid 1990s in both English and Welsh-language versions, but is available to U.S. audiences for the first time with its DVD release. (8 feature-length mysteries). Buy the Series 3 DVD right here.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Move over Iron Man, Spider-Man and Batman, the world’s first environmentally-conscious superhero on the block plans to offer kids action-packed adventure and a chance to help save the environment in ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers.’ He’s Captain Planet, the ever-changing eco-hero from within our Earth, who, with the help of five young people from around the globe called Planeteers, fights a never-ending battle against eco-villains out to destroy the world. Offering rich animation and engaging storytelling, season one of Captain Planet and the Planeteers is sparkled with all-star voice cast comprise of some of the biggest names in Hollywood and video games. Buy the Season 1 DVD right here.

Street Kings 2: Motor City

Catch Ray Liotta and Shawn Hatosy in the action packed thriller, ‘Street Kings 2: Motor City.’ Your heart will be racing as this compelling story about the ultimate struggle for justice is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Ray Liotta (‘Goodfellas’) delivers an intense, electrifying performance in this explosive follow-up to the gritty urban crime thriller Street Kings. Liotta plays Detroit detective Marty Kingston, the leader of an undercover narcotics team, whose members are being systematically murdered one by one. To solve the brutal killings, Kingston joins forces with a cocky, young homicide detective. But neither of them is prepared for the shocking corruption their investigation will uncover — stunning secrets that will set both men on a violent collision course with betrayal and vengeance. Buy the DVD right here.

Rabbit Hole

Becca and Howie Corbett (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) are returning to their everyday existence after the sudden death of their young son in an accident in ‘Rabbit Hole.’ Just eight months ago, they were a happy suburban family with everything they wanted. Now, they are caught in a maze of pain and tightly controlled rage from which they cannot escape. Conflict comes out of the fact they are are grieving in different ways. Howie finds comfort in the familiar, which only brings pain to Becca. Becca hesitantly opens up to her opinionated, loving mother and secretly reaches out to the teenager involved in the accident, while Howie lashes out and imagines solace with another woman. Yet, they struggle to save their relationship and a life together that still holds the potential for happiness. Buy the DVD right here.

Lorna Doone

Clive Owen (‘Children of Men’), Polly Walker (‘Caprica’), and Sean Bean star in ‘Lorna Doone,’ a sumptuous adaptation of the classic novel; R.D. Blackmore’s beloved tale of forbidden love in lawless 17th-century England, celebrated since its publication in 1869. A classic story of romance, revenge, and adventure makes its North American home video debut. Lavish costumes, dazzling scenery, and a stellar supporting cast round out this splendid adaptation of one of the greatest love stories ever told. The British drama aired in the U.K. in 1990 and is one of Clive Owen’s and Polly Walker’s earliest roles. Buy the DVD right here.

Mortal Kombat

Lord Rayden (Christopher Lambert) has rescued them, but he cannot fight for them. They – a martial artist, an action film star, a soldier – are the chosen three. And while the world’s fate rests on their shoulders, the rest of us can enjoy the thrills as they compete to save us all in the body-slamming, mystical-tinged, full-tilt spectacle of creatures and conflict that is ‘Mortal Kombat.’ Paul Anderson directs this astonishing and trend-setting experience that showed how to turn a smash-hit video game into a movie smash. Cheer these intrepid three Kombatants – they’re fighting for you! And in ‘Mortal Kombat: Annihilation‘ it’s a new era…but for whom? The Mortal Kombat victory in the Outworld was supposed to give rise to a generation of peace on Earth. But never trust the word of the fiendish and the power mad. They’ve opened the portals linking their dimension to ours, and Earth will be overwhelmed – if a gutsy band of human heroes doesn’t acquire new kombat skills that will crush Outworld’s imaginative array of bad-ass warrior creatures. John R. Leonetti, cinematographer of Mortal Kombat and 2010’s Piranha, directs the fighting fury of Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Smash evil! Buy the ‘Mortal Kombat’ Blu-ray here and the ‘Mortal Kombat Annihilation’ Blu-ray here.

Square Grouper: The Godfathers of Ganja

The chronicles of Colombian marijuana, a small army of gutsy South Florida smugglers and the beginning of the pot revolution is examined in the intensely entertaining documentary ‘Square Grouper,’ timed to commemorate the countercultural “4/20” holiday. From Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman, the filmmakers behind the globally popular Cocaine Cowboys series and “The U,” part of ESPN’s recent “30 for 30” series, Square Grouper is a vivid portrait of South Florida’s pot smuggling culture of the 1970s. Named after the bales of marijuana that were often caught in the warm Florida coastal waters by unsuspecting fishermen, Square Grouper focuses on three incredible stories from the era: the infamous Black Tuna Gang, a group of savvy smugglers led by Robert Platshorn, the longest serving marijuana prisoner in US History; the Ethiopian Zion Coptic church, whose members (including children) all smoked marijuana from morning till night and ran a massive pot dealing operation out of Miami Beach’s exclusive Star Island; and Everglades City, a tiny fishing village 80 miles west of Miami with a brazen history of smuggling everything from endangered animals, to rum, to weed. Buy the DVD right here.

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