‘Office’ Recap: Superlative Episode Deserves a Dundie

The Office (NBC)

The Office (NBC)

It was another superlative episode of “The Office” Thursday night as we approach the final sendoff for Steve Carell next week.

What were the highlights? This episode – the second (of four) to feature Will Ferrell guest-starring as the supposed (but not probable) replacement for Michael Scott (Carell) as Dunder-Mifflin regional manager – had so many great scenes, we hardly know where to begin. Ferrell was hilarious – again (even the apparently meaningless name they’ve given his character, Deangelo Vickers, is ridiculously funny), but the episode belonged more to the show’s regulars, from Carell to Ellie Kemper.

Watch Dunder Mifflin’s Michael Scott Musical Tribute:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Office/7370/1892667355/Seasons-of-Michael/embed 580 476]

Behold – the episode’s best moments:

Michael Scott’s sly reference to Ricky Gervais, creator of “The Office” and, earlier this year, the controversial host of the Golden Globes: “Anything can happen at the Dundies!” Michael declared in an address to the staff concerning the annual Dunder-Mifflin awards show he invented. “They’re like the Golden Globes, but less mean!”

Carell and Ferrell’s sendup of “The King’s Speech”: Training a jittery Deangelo to take over as Dundies emcee, Deangelo laid down on the floor on his back and Michael sat on his stomach in the manner of Geoffrey Rush sitting on Colin Firth in the Oscar-winning film.

Erin (Kemper) makes a Dundie acceptance speech and publicly dumps boyfriend Gabe (Zach Woods): Kemper is emerging as a major player on this show, and this scene, in which she announced to Gabe that they shouldn’t see each other anymore, was priceless.

Michael’s “Godfather” soliloquy: Commenting on how badly the Dundies turned out this year, Michael likened them to the disappointment he felt after watching “The Godfather,” a movie that is, obviously, universally acclaimed and beloved, but to Michael, it was merely confusing and only “had maybe three big laughs.”

The most touching scene in this show’s history: In a tribute to their soon-to-be-departing boss, the “Office” staff broke into an original song honoring their long history with him. The song’s refrain was “9,986,000 minutes,” apparently the number of minutes Scott worked at Dunder-Mifflin. It was a sweet scene that left Michael in tears.

And now, Steve Carell has just one episode to go – next week’s extended episode, starting at 9 p.m./8c and ending 50 minutes later at 9:50/8:50c on NBC.

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