The Week’s Best TV: Top 5 Scenes

If there was ever a week of TV chock full of moments worth watching again, this was it. You saw it all: the drama, the sex, the outrageous laughs, and the sex. Oh, you didn’t see it? Don’t worry. Click below and catch up.

1. Dancing with the Stars
Hats off to “Dancing” pro Maskim Chmerkovskiy, who didn’t have a writer and obviously didn’t need one when he said of himself, “I’m like a stick that’s been dipped into a boiling pot of sex…” Watch the entire moment of greatness.
[iframe′ 420 382]

2. Modern Family
Mitchell and Cam try to figure out who should get guardianship of Lily if something happens to them, and if you ask us, Gloria was amazing.
[iframe′ 420 382]

3. 30 Rock
For the 100th episode, there’s a hilarious gas leak, Tracy sabotages his movie career, plus Tom Hanks and Jack’s monologue, making it tough to pick the best moment of many. See what we decided on.
[iframe′ 420 382]

4. Parenthood
In the second season finale, Amber apologized to Sarah – a powerful, melodramatic scene that’s a must-see for every fan.
[iframe′ 420 382]

5. American Idol
Casey Abrams did what Steven Tyler has wanted to do for four months and what so many fans have wanted to do for even longer. Yowser!
[iframe 580 476]

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