‘DWTS’ Guilty Pleasure Week: Kirstie & Maks Do Britney!

Kirstie and Maks on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Kirstie and Maks on 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

They don’t call him the Bad Boy of Ballroom for nothing. He talks back to the judges, he calls himself “Sex on a Stick,” and now he’s leaking his own song for this week’s Guilty Pleasure Week on “Dancing with the Stars.” Yes, we’re talking about Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

John Travolta L.O.V.E.S. Maksim

“What are we going to get fired?” Maks said after telling reporters following last Tuesday’s results show, which sent home Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin, the song he and partner Kirstie Alley will dance to on Monday’s performance episode. “I don’t think they would fire the sex stick,” Kirstie joked back.

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The song he revealed is Britney Spears’ first hit, “Baby One More Time” — but don’t expect pig-tails and short skirts. “We want to do it straight.”

So, no schoolgirl outfit for the 60-year-old actress? “No, that is what we are not doing,” Maks said. “It should be ‘Sex Bomb,’ unfortunately it’s not,” added Kirstie, referring to the segment in the results show in which Maks says he’s not cocky, just honest … and that he is “sex on a stick.”

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“I agree he’s a sex stick. I just want the recipe. We want to know how you make the boiling pot of sex to dip into,” Kirstie joked. When asked what she plans to do next week to top the leaderboard, Kirstie said, “Start smoking some sex sticks – ooops that didn’t sound right.”

Not right at all, Kirstie.

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