‘Amazing Race’ Cowboys Jet And Cord: Our Only Alliance Was Each Other

Brothers Jet and Cord McCoy on The Amazing Race (CBS)

Brothers Jet and Cord McCoy on The Amazing Race (CBS)

Cowboys Jet and Cord McCoy were an “Amazing Race” anomaly. No matter what Road Blocks, Detours, or – in last night’s case -Double U-Turns they faced, they never turned on each other or lost their cool – all the way to the bitter end. Today, the brothers called from their home in Oklahoma to discuss last night’s elimination, and why they felt their own friendship was the only alliance they ever needed.

On their reaction to watching their elimination:
Jet: It was pretty much like reliving it. To watch it back…At least I felt like we always did the right thing and we did the best that we could at every turn. There weren’t any regrets. It was still kind of a somber moment, though.

On finding out the other teams helped each other in Liechtenstein:
Jet: It was surprising for me, because when I handed in my answer and it was wrong, I went back. And of course I passed one of the Globetrotters, and then I knew there were at least a couple of other teams behind me. At that point I wasn’t too concerned. But then I went all the way back there and came all the way back, and it was just Cord… I was like, “Ahhhha. They’ve been working together.”

On the point they realized they couldn’t pull through:
Jet: When we stepped off the train, we saw three or four other teams’ bags were still there. We felt like we were still in it at that point. Maybe when we got the U-Turn, we knew…

Cord: I don’t think it was when we got to the U-Turn box. It was when we got there and realized we were the only team to get U-Turned.

Watch Their Reaction To Being U-Turned By The Globetrotters:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Amazing-Race-18/141731/1896642371/The-Amazing-Race-18—Cowboys-Take-Aim/embed 580 476]

On whether they finished the fondue:
Cord: We definitely went through quite a bit of it. But at that point, we knew we were done.

On whether not making friends put them at a disadvantage:
Cord: Jet and I ran the Race before, and there’s one thing we know: they only give one team the check for a million dollars. I don’t think we ever considered the team concept of it. Later on, that might come around and bite some of the other teams, if they’ve been leaning on them too much. But Jet and I never had to worry about that. We never leaned on somebody else – we just leaned on each other.

Jet: It definitely seemed like there were a lot more alliances this time. But me and Cord really felt like we wished to beat the other teams without having to team up with somebody else. We had our alliance when we left – and that was each other. I don’t have any regrets in the way that we played the game.

On the frustrations of teams with negative attitudes advancing instead of them:
Jet: It’s a little bit frustrating, just to see the struggles that they have and to see them bicker back and forth, and then still go on. But I think the refreshing part of it for us is we can watch it back and say, “We don’t have any regrets with what we did or the way we ran the Race.” I’d rather have that then the money any time – than have to watch it back and say, “Yeah, we’ve got the million dollars, but I sure wish I hadn’t done that.”

Cord: After the show airs we don’t have to call anybody for saying or doing anything [wrong].

On how the Race has strengthened their relationship:
Jet: If anything, our relationship has only gotten stronger. We’ve got two season’s worth of the “Amazing Race” – of experiences and places that Cord and I only really understand the scope of what we went through, and what we accomplished and what we did. If anything, it strengthened us.

Cord: I think it was a realization after the Race, to realize how strong our relationship was going into it. It’s stronger, but if I could pick from anybody in the world to go a third time, I’d still have the same teammate – I’m not ready to switch.

On their unique bond:
Jet: We’ve always been really close. Our relationship has always been good. Somebody asked us why we never fight, but Cord and I pretty much worked out all of those issues a long time ago.

Cord: Anyone who has a brother or sister would know how thick the blood flows. We’re as close as you can be.

On the most difficult challenge this season:
Cord: They definitely upped the ante this time, in that all of the challenges seemed to be more physical and have some kind of twists and turns in them. Each different task posed its own challenge. Nobody will ever know how far we ran with that luggage cart, going up and down those hills. Some of the other tasks that we did in Australia and China – it’s hard to really understand how difficult those challenges are in just the clips you get on TV.

On what they’re doing now:
Jet: Back at the ranch! Back to feeding cattle and riding horses.

On whether they’d race again with their wives instead:
Jet: If our wives did it, they’d probably outrun both of us – so we probably shouldn’t let them do it [laughs].

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