‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Star Jones Saves Her Behind

Hope Dworaczyk and Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Hope Dworaczyk and Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

We can’t make this stuff up, people.

NeNe Leakes: “Just to be really, really real…I felt like a couple of the girls were crawling up Star (Jones’) ass.”

Donald Trump: “By the way, much nicer now that she lost all the weight.”

Oh, no, he didn’t…  Well there you have it – week one of life after Busey on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

The “Real” Atlanta housewife once again commanded much of the spotlight as she hugged it out early with LaToya Jackson, only to later eat her for lunch in the Boardroom.

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But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

This week’s challenge was to design a four page advertising layout for the Trump Collection of upscale hotels.  Star Jones – who proclaims to have been pampered in luxury resorts all over the world — stepped up as leader of Team A.S.A.P. John Rich led the three-man Team Backbone.

The task looked to be Jones’ to lose.

“I’ve had the opportunity to walk the streets of Paris and London and Morocco and St. Tropez, and sailed the Mediterranean. I know as much about luxury as I know about living,” she boasted.

But go figure — both groups bombed.  The men forgot to include a phone number or website address on their presentation while execs judging the task said the women’s layout reminded them of “a flyer for a sleazy strip club.”

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In the end, it came down to who did a little less worse.  And this week it was the men.  That opened the door for all sorts of backstabbing among the women’s team.

Project manager Jones – who earlier in the show admitted “I can be a b—h sometimes” – was all of a sudden on the hot seat.  (Insert your own butt joke here).

But she proved to be a crafty player, perhaps still the favorite to win it all. Rather than calling playmate Hope Dworaczyk to the Boardroom, the former Brooklyn D.A. gambled that if she brought NeNe in, she would help her gang up on LaToya.

The alliance seems to be working — for now.  Jackson got the boot, which sets up what looks to be an epic showdown next week between NeNe and Star.

Previews show NeNe calling Jones an “evil, fat lady” and declaring “I know how you think.  I know how you play the game.  I will take you down… Now where’s Barbara Walters!”

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