Mark Burnett: No Presidential Reality Show For Trump

Mark Burnett – the super-producer behind “Survivor” and “Celebrity Apprentice” — says he won’t be making a reality show about Donald Trump’s expected run for the White House.

“I tried that,” he says of blending politics into his shows – most recently, with  “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.”

“There are very complicated laws in this country about this.  I thought it would be fun but I found out how difficult that is to do.  It’s too much of a serious business.”

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Trump, meanwhile, continues to use “Celebrity Apprentice” to fuel the “will he-won’t he” debate.

On last night’s episode, hot tempered rocker Meat Loaf said he would back the billionaire businessman:  “In fact, I’ll even help you with your campaign!”

Watch Meat Loaf Endorse Trump:

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Recently fired Gary Busey has also pledged to help The Donald get to Pennsylvania Avenue.

“I’m campaigning for him now,” he says. ”Donald Trump has the wherewithal, the knowledge and the awareness of this country. He wants to turn it back to where the founders had it.

“We have an administration now which I do respect the sitting President but it’s a mess. It’s a government takeover of middle class America. They keep spending not worrying about the deficit or the budget. Donald Trump will turn that around. I’m campaigning for him now and I will continue to campaign for him.”

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For now, equal time rules prohibit Trump from throwing his hat in the ring.  If he became an official candidate, NBC would have to stop airing “Celebrity Apprentice” or offer other candidates equal air time.

The future of the show – and the free world – could become a little bit clearer on May 22.

Trump has promised to make an announcement about when he will be making his announcement during the live two-hour finale.

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