Interview: ‘Fringe’ Star John Noble Is Law School Dropout

Long before “Fringe” – before John Noble even thought of heading to Hollywood – the Australian actor spent three years cracking the books in law school.

“I respect the law, but I didn’t want to be a lawyer,” he says. “It was a different time. I went through school, and you know, if you were a bright enough kid, and you could get into law or medicine you did it. There was no real question about that.

“We didn’t know you could be an actor or an actress. It just didn’t enter our heads. So when the opportunity was offered to me, I was so surprised and so thrilled and really never looked sideways again from that point on. I didn’t want to go to Law School. I just went there because my mates were going there, really.”

Noble, who plays the dual roles of scientist Walter Bishop and alter-ego Walternate, says he fell into acting by accident.

“I was doing an elective subject, and this fellow heard my voice and he said, ‘Oh, you’ve got the voice of such and such. Would you be interested in doing something?’” he remembers. “And it was a little play, and I thought, “How exciting! It would be a great chance to meet girls.”

“Fringe” – which airs Friday nights on FOX – has just one episode left before what Noble calls its “epic and dramatic” season finale.

The J.J. Abrams series has already been renewed for next season. After that, Noble says: “I suppose what will happen…is they’ll make a movie.”

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