Shots Fired At Spike TV’s ‘Repo Games’ Crew

Talk about a show debuting with a bang!

The crew of Spike TV’s “Repo Games,” which debuts Tuesday night, was shot at Monday as they filmed in a North Las Vegas neighborhood. According to reports, a resident thought his vehicle was being repossessed. It wasn’t, and it proved a costly and dangerous mistake for him.

“Repo Games” features repo men ferreting out debtors and giving them a chance to keep their property (typically a car) if they correctly answer three of five fairly simple questions (i.e. how many days in a leap year), something 40-year-old Carlos Barron didn’t know as he saw the noticed the crew searching his street shortly before 10 p.m.

Mistakenly thinking they were after his car, Barron “stormed out of his home and got into a physical altercation with a crew member,” the Las Vegas Sun Journal reported. “The man then pulled a handgun on the crew and began firing. Police believe some shots were fired at the crew and some were likely fired in the air.”

No one was hurt.

But the aftermath could have been a segment in a whole other reality show when Barron tried to make a run for it out the back of his house. He was nabbed by police dogs and arrested on numerous charges, including attempted murder.

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