‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant Makes History of Olympic Proportions

by | April 27, 2011 at 7:56 AM | The Biggest Loser

Rulon Gardner on The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Rulon Gardner on The Biggest Loser (NBC)

You know that beefy Olympian dude that Jillian Michaels called “rogue” a few weeks back? Well, he went the “R-route” again—but this time, it wasn’t because he was caught stuffing his face with a bag of chips and dip after midnight.

Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner shocked everyone on the ranch Tuesday night by doing a “Biggest Loser” first: He simply walked off the show. Granted he had made earlier comments about being ready to go home since he was so close to his goal weight, but in typical Rulon fashion, he acted on his decision abruptly and with very little explanation, citing “personal reasons.”

See Who Was Eliminated:

“I was so taken aback because Rulon was set up to win this show,” exclaimed trainer Bob Harper. “Now it’s anybody’s game.”

Although the rest of the contestants had hoped that his voluntary exit would mean none of them would have to go home, that wasn’t the case. In the end, the soft-spoken boxing machine Kaylee Kinikini was sent home packing. But no worries on the sensitive young’un: Her confidence level is just fine these days now that she’s busy holding hands with her new boyfriend, Vance, whom you might remember showing up during the 13th week of training with his mom, LeAnn, as part of the Secret White Team.

Heck, with all of these serious love connections made on “Loser,” maybe ABC should get a few tips from the show to get its “Bachelor” franchise to work. (Oops, did we say that out loud?)

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