‘General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson on Luke’s Intervention

Ever since “General Hospital’s” Luke (Tony Geary) learned that he accidentally ran over and killed his grandson, Jake, he has been on a downward spiral. In an attempt to prove that he does not have a drinking problem, he has drank a distillery’s worth of liquor, contemplated setting the bar he owns on fire, and picked a fight with Port Charles’s favorite hit man in the hope of being killed and put out of his misery.  Luke’s son, Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) has decided to stage an intervention in the hopes of convincing him that he needs to seek treatment for his alcoholism. This powerful, special episode on Thursday April 28th. Jackson spoke about his connection to Geary, whether he believes Luke is really an alcoholic and how he feels about his TV mom taking a role on another soap.

How does Lucky get Luke to show up at the intervention? Luke seems like someone who would not willingly attend.
Well, there’s a little coercion that happens to get his Dad there. Lucky is aware that Luke probably wouldn’t go out of his own free will so he devises a scheme with Ethan and Lulu to get him there and force him to at least hear them out. [Check out Luke’s reaction to finding himself at an intervention in the following clip.]

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Who is at the intervention?
Lucky, Lulu (Julie Berman), Ethan (Nathan Parsons), Tracy (Jane Elliot), Nicholas (Tyler Christopher), Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) and an intervention professional.

How does Luke respond to having all of his family and loved ones tell him he has a drinking problem and needs help?
Tony’s such a brilliant actor that he always works to create a lot of levels and contradictions within his performances, so there’s a lot of different responses. The cool thing about the episode is that each character gets an opportunity to speak to Luke in a very personal way and so the response varies depending on who’s talking to him and the context of that, so it’s a very interesting dynamic to see all these different people that Luke cares about in different ways speak to him and try to get through to him.

What was it like taping such an intense episode?
It was very intense. It was very deep. The whole show just had a very different feeling to it. They closed the fourth wall off, so we were literally in a room with four walls. We were shooting it together with a relatively small number of cast members compared to a normal show that we do so it had a real intimate feeling to it. The stuff that Tony and I did together was very packed with a lot of years of knowing each other, working together. It’s something that Tony and I have wanted to do for pretty much the whole ten years that I was away from the show. It was something we wanted to do again at some point was work together and connect on that level. It was very powerful. [Get a sneak preview of Lucky’s plea to his father in the following clip.]

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In your opinion, is Luke truly an alcoholic?
I think for Lucky, at this point, that’s definitely what he believes. Otherwise, I don’t think he’d call an intervention together. Whether or not he’s doing that from an objective place or whether or not he’s doing that because he’s trying to make sense of the pain of losing Jake and how that whole thing turned out, is, I think, a valid question. In terms of my own opinion, I don’t really know. It really depends on which way you look at it. He may be some form of an alcoholic. I don’t know if he’s the type of alcoholic that wakes up with the shakes or stuff like that. I don’t really know to be honest. That’s a difficult one for me to decipher but in terms of character, Lucky’s pretty clear on his perspective.

A lot of fans have wondered if there is going to be another twist in the story and Luke is going to turn out to not be responsible for Jake’s death.  It seems like Franco might have framed him.
We’ve seen those instances before where quite a while later it’s revealed that something else is different than what people saw at first. I would consider that a possibility but I don’t have any information regarding that. I haven’t heard any rumors about it.

When is Lucky going to find out that Aiden is his son?
I’d like to know that as well. At this point, I don’t really know. But a lot of interesting things should happen when he learns that information.

Do you think Lucky will understand why Liz kept this information a secret for a little while when he finds out?
I hope so. I hope he would be, considering she just lost a child. I hope there would be some grace there. I don’t think it’s black and white let’s get angry at her is necessarily the best way to go, but I’m not really sure how it’s going to play out.

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How do you feel about Tyler Christopher, your long time on-screen brother, leaving Port Charles?
That was very disappointing. I was really deeply disappointed to not have such an incredible actor on the show, and a great friend, and someone whose character is very connected to Lucky. I think there’s a lot of potential there for their relationship and for the story. It’s a sad circumstance. I know Tyler’s going to be fine. He’s super talented and he’s an incredible person so I’m not really worried about him, but I just think his character is pretty central to the show. But that’s kind of the climate that we’re in right now.

What are your thoughts on the cancellation of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”?
I think everyone’s disappointed about that. Those shows are long running shows with a lot of history and huge fanbases and it’s disappointing for all the people that work on the shows in terms of the crew and the actors and everything. But in terms of “General Hospital,” we’re still plugging away and we’re working hard and putting our hearts and souls into what we’re doing and we’re confident in that day-to-day endeavor.

What do you think about your TV Mom Genie Francis joining “The Young & the Restless”?
I’m really happy for her. Selfishly, obviously, I’d love to work with her. So there’s that little caveat to it, but I’m super happy for her. She’s an incredible person and a brilliant actress and I’m sure she’s going to add so much to the show. Obviously, being partial to my history on GH I would love to work with her but it’s more important in my mind that she’s happy and she’s where she wants to be. I definitely care more about her than rather we get to work together.

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