The Royal Wedding By the Numbers

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Prince William and Kate Middleton (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Only one more splendid day til the Wedding of the Century (a.k.a. British Blueblood Armageddon) explodes onto every screen and radio wave across the globe—will you be one of the estimated 2 billion souls watching?

If so, which network will you be tuning into – or for you West Coasters, setting your DVR to – for coverage of Kate and P-Willy’s big day? We broke things down by the real numbers (and imaginative ones):

21: The number of cameras sent to capture the momentous event.
21: The number of angles that will a) reveal the true circumference of William’s bald spot and b) search to find a curve on Kate’s controversial Dukan-Diet bod.

NBC (Partnered with ITN & ITV)
50: The number of NBC staff members who will be reporting from London.
20: The combined hours NBC & MSNBC will devote to covering the wedding day.
1: The number of hours you’ll probably wind up watching.

Burning Question: Will Kate Wear A Tiara?

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50: The number of FOX staff being flown across the pond.
160: The number of Sky News staff providing rolling coverage of the big day.
$64,000: The price put on this question: How much will Glenn Beck cry over the throngs of people watching this spectacle and not his own?

75: The number of CNN staff flocking to the event of the century!
131: The number of times Piers Morgan will mention his “close ties” to the Royal Family.

60: The amount of minutes that “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric will devote to hosting a primetime special on the couple.
60: The amount of times we’d like Katie to interrupt the special by telling us what the heck she plans on doing after CBS.

10 (PM): The time in the evening in which Barbara Walters goes to bed.
1 (AM): The time in the morning (Pacific Time) that Babs, along with “World News” anchor Diane Sawyer, will begin their coverage on the Royal nuptials.
2 (AM): The time we anticipate ABC will have to resort to subtitles to translate sleepy Babs’ commentary.

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