Tonight’s Shocking ‘Vampire Diaries’: The Loss of Life Will Be Extreme

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Last week’s “Vampire Diaries” episode left fans reeling. There were so many shocking revelations: the Aztec curse was a fraud. Elijah and Klaus are brothers. Klaus is part vampire and part werewolf and wants to create a vampire-werewolf hybrid master race. Tonight’s episode, “The Last Day,” is approximately ten thousand times more epic.  At a screening Wednesday, a room full of journalists gasped in surprise on three separate occasions and burst into applause once. All those present were worn to secrecy about the details, but here are some hints about the episode you’ll have to see to believe.

+ Three major characters have truly life-altering experiences that will shape the rest of the season.

+ A prodigal son returns.

+ Elena proves once and for all that she’s no Bella Swan.

+ Perhaps most important, we get to see Joseph Morgan’s real hair.

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After the screening, executive producer Julie Plec addressed rumors that the final episodes of the season will have a high body count. “The term “a lot of deaths” is something that’s been circulating on the Internet a lot from different sources. I think all I’ve ever said is that there would be some severe and tragic consequences and the loss of life would be extreme over several episodes. I want to dispel any number value that’s been placed on anything in the spoiler universe. But we said from the beginning it’s a vampire show, and in a vampire show the stakes are high and the death count has to match that because if we don’t follow through on the stakes that we’re setting out, if you don’t believe that the consequences are life and death, then we’re not doing our job… We had to pay off what we set up.” Plec insisted that no character is safe, joking that, “You’ve got these two beautiful men [Daniel Gilles and Joseph Morgan.] Who needs Ian Somerhalder?”

She went on to explain that Daniel Gillies’ brilliant performance as Elijah is the reason that the Originals are so difficult to kill. “Elijah as a character was meant to bridge the gap between the introduction of Klaus in the script, and the actual reveal of Klaus late in the season. He was meant to get us from point A to point B and we didn’t have the mythology of how to kill an original completely worked out when we first introduced Elijah. Then freaking Daniel Gilles walked in and that door in the big haunted house thing…And that suit…And he has that accent and everything about him is so great. We were like, ‘Well, we can’t make him easy to kill because we don’t want out characters to look stupid for not being able to get rid of them.’ So we kept making it harder and harder until we reached the point where, screw it, Originals are immortal. It’s honestly because of Daniel.”

For those curious about how, exactly, a presumably dead vampire/werewolf can procreate, Plec promises there will be an explanation. “Not this season. But it will be prevalent in the future.”

Plec also explained why, after nearly two seasons in the dark, Jenna and Matt both learned that there were vampires in Mystic Falls almost simultaneously. “We wanted to play on the audience’s expectation of who was going to find out first and make the audience feel like we are going to go one way then surprise them by hitting the other one first. Then juxtapose their individual reactions against each other. The thing I loved most about Matt’s reaction was that Caroline had this naive, sweet Caroliney belief that everything would be okay once the truth came out and that love would prevail. It went so horribly awry. We’re watching him realize that there’s still humanity in her and asking himself the question, ‘Can I love her anyway?’  For Jenna, it was just time for her to know.”

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