‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Preview: NeNe v. Star

by | April 29, 2011 at 12:43 PM | Celebrity Apprentice

This week’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” looks more like “The Real Housewives of Trump Tower.”

In a preview clip released by NBC, NeNe Leakes blows gasket – immediately after the task is even handed out — when Star Jones suggests she take a turn as project manager of team A.S.A.P.

“(She’s) trying to be strategic and throw me under the bus,” the outspoken reality star insists before going nose to nose with the former “View” co-host.

“Who are you to step in and tell someone when to be project manager? Who are you?  Who ARE you!  I will take you down while the rest of the girls will look at you and be scared. I am the girl who is not scared of you.

“You pressed the last button in me, Miss Star Jones.  I will do you when the rest of these girls won’t!”

“This is your puppet,” she yelled, pointing to stunned playmate Hope Dworaczyk.  “I am not!”

May the biggest ego win!

Watch NeNe Lose It:

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