Congrats William & Kate: Royal Wedding Highlights

William and Kate (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

William and Kate (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Fairytales are, occasionally, real. Even the hardest hearts melted as Prince William and Kate Middleton wed. Despite the crowds and the television cameras, the future king of England and the commoner managed to carve an intimate, romantic ceremony out of the archaic royal wedding rituals. The ultimate reality show celebrated two real people who truly love each other.  It was impossible not to be moved as William entered Westminster Abbey, the same church where he laid his mother to rest, to celebrate the happiest day of his life. Relive the highlights in our video wedding album.

The Guests

Most of the attendees were aristocrats unfamiliar to American audiences. But a few celebrities made the cut. Victoria and David Beckham managed to look chic and sexy, not an easy feat given the strict sleeves and hats dress code, and her pregnancy. Elton John and his partner David Furnish were also in attendance.

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Say Yes To The Dress

No bride has ever been under more pressure to pick the perfect wedding gown. Kate Middleton had to contend with inevitable comparisons to Diana’s iconic dress. She needed to show the world her personal style while adhering to protocol. She nailed it with this Sarah Burton gown that many are comparing to Grace Kelly’s. She also may have singlehandedly brought the long sleeved wedding dress back into style.

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The Ceremony

William and Kate kept it traditional — not that they had any choice. It would have been against protocol to write their own vows, use their dog as a ringbearer, or have a friend who got ordained over the internet officiate. They managed to recite the complicated religious vows without a stumble — and refrain from kissing. Watch the ceremony in its entirety here.

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Just Married!

The bride and groom took a romantic carriage ride to Buckingham Palace. Kate seems overwhelmed by the crowd’s cheers. Imagine what it would be like to wake up an ordinary than suddenly realize that you are now an icon to millions of people. Congratulations to the new Duchess of Cambridge.

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Double Kiss

Prince William proved himself a thoroughly modern monarch when he bucked centuries of tradition to kiss his bride twice. OMG!! He was only supposed to kiss her once!!  Since the dawn of time, royalty has stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace and briefly touched lips. Now come these two, daring to improv. Scandal!!!  Seriously, the fact that the second kiss was notable shows how much pressure Kate and William are under to do things exactly as they have always been done.  This minor act of rebellion could symbolize a new era. Or it’s possible that the newlyweds just really wanted to act like newlyweds.  Congratulations, you crazy kids.

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