Seinfeld Calls Trump ‘God’s Gift to Comedy’

by | April 29, 2011 at 1:59 PM | Celebrities

Jerry Seinfeld thinks Donald Trump is a joke. Or, to be more precise, Seinfeld thinks Trump is just about the greatest source of material for comedians who has ever lived.

Seinfeld commented on Trump when “Extra” caught up with the fabulously wealthy comedian (who’s practically as rich as Trump, if not wealthier) Wednesday evening outside a party for the Tribeca Film Festival under way this week in New York.

“I love Donald Trump,” Seinfeld said affably. “All comedians love Donald Trump. If God gave comedians the power to invent people, the first person we would invent is Donald Trump – God’s gift to comedy!”

Trump and Seinfeld in Bitter Feud Over Trump’s Obama Criticism

Seinfeld was being asked to react to statements Trump made last week after Seinfeld withdrew from appearing at a benefit being thrown for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis by one of Trump’s sons, Eric – who’s seen, along with his father, on “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC. At the time, Trump blasted Seinfeld, calling Seinfeld’s NBC show “The Marriage Ref” a “failure” and telling Seinfeld he should be “ashamed” for ducking out of his commitment to the benefit.

Trump Vs. Seinfeld:

For his part, Seinfeld said he backed out of the event because he wasn’t comfortable with Trump’s recent fixation on President Obama’s birth-origins.

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