Bin Laden News Preempts ‘Apprentice’ Firing — Watch It Now

NeNe Leakes verbally attacks Star Jones on 'Apprentice' (Photo: NBC)

NeNe Leakes verbally attacks Star Jones on 'Apprentice' (Photo: NBC)

Real world news trumped a real showdown on Sunday night TV.

The final minutes of “Celebrity Apprentice” were preempted late Sunday, leaving millions of viewers wondering if “Real Housewife” NeNe Leakes really did set the “boardroom on fire” and topple her nemesis Star Jones.

It wasn’t without good reason. NBC cut into Donald Trump’s reality show at approximately 10:45 p.m. for President Barack Obama’s surprise announcement in which he revealed that U.S. forces had killed Osama bin Laden, just months before the 10-year anniversary of September 11.

All major networks interrupted their regularly scheduled programming to broadcast the president’s breaking news, which didn’t actually end up taking place until 11:35 p.m./EST. That left nearly an hour of news analysis to fill the air, and left “Apprentice” viewers hanging, as the women’s team faced another firing in an episode which opened with a vicious attack as project manager NeNe went bonkers all over “backstabbing manipulator” Star Jones.

Watch the full episode of “Celebrity Apprentice” below:

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Observers couldn’t help but smirk at the irony of the announcement’s timing – Obama thumped Trump (again) – as the president’s announcement interrupted the end of Trump’s “Apprentice.”

It came just one night after Obama got in some well-timed zingers at Trump’s expense Saturday night at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. The “feud,” if you will, began (and, now, hopefully has ended) over potential 2012 presidential candidate Trump’s ruthless persistence in demanding Obama’s birth certificate authentication.

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So, back to reality…who got fired, and how did it go down? For the East Coasters who missed the big conclusion to Sunday night’s “Apprentice” – and the unprecedented return of an axed celebrity – we’ve got you covered.

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