Gene Simmons Gives ‘Castle’ A Kiss

Gene Simmons on Castle (ABC)

Gene Simmons on Castle (ABC)

Gene Simmons still wants to rock and roll all night and party every day. But the KISS front man and reality star took a break from his life of debauchery to make an appearance on Monday’s episode of “Castle.”  When Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) head to Los Angeles to investigate the death of Beckett’s former partner and visit the set of the Nikki Heat movie, they run into the legendary rocker. Simmons discussed which KISS songs belong on the show’s soundtrack, why the producers should make him a series regular and whether he might be Castle’s father.

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How did you end up on this episode of “Castle”?
I think they made a mistake. I think they wanted Richard Simmons but they got me instead. They were looking for a short guy with a Jewish fro but unfortunately they got the tall guy with much better hair. I’m actually a fan of “Castle.” I watch it all the time. Stana [Katic] especially is quite a girl. She should be doing features as a matter of fact, and, as a fan of the show, strange things happen when you’re busy making your plans. They literally just called and were interested in me for some strange reason.  Between doing a new record and planning for some summer shows, and shooting our TV show, it just so happened that our schedules all worked, the planets lined up, and I was happy to do it.

You’re playing yourself. How do you end up crossing paths with Castle and Beckett?
They knock on the door. I don’t mean in actual fact, but they get me because something may or may not have happened where I am.

Do you have anything to do with the murder in the episode?
I beg your pardon. I reserve my rights.

Which KISS songs would be good theme songs for Castle and Beckett?
Beckett: Beth: “I hear you calling, but I can’t come home right now.” Castle: I Was Made For Loving You.

What was it like working with Nathan and Stana?
They were very giving. Very welcoming. I will say the director, John Terlesky was spot on. Here’s what we need to do: very inviting and available. It all happened very fast because everybody was very clear. In fact, I filmed my segment it seems two weeks ago, three weeks ago and it’s going to be on the air before you know it. Usually television shows have a very, very long lead time.

Big Kiss For Trump From Gene Simmons

Since you are such a big rock star, did show creator Andrew Marlowe personally drive you to the set?
I actually snuck in, drove myself. I was in the studio because we were cutting a new KISS record at the same time the other madness was going on. So I got out of there early and drove myself to the set in Beverly Hills, because it’s all centrally located, snuck on without handlers or bodyguards or all of that stuff, because they could see you coming a mile away. For God’s sake, it’s like the military in Beverly Hills. There are tour buses on every other street, and they all communicate. So as soon as they see you coming, they all follow you. So I was there and gone before people knew it.

You were wrongly assumed to be Amanda’s father on “Ugly Betty.” Could you actually be Castle’s father?
I’m everybody’s Daddy.

Would you like to return to “Castle”, and join Castle’s celebrity poker game?
Well, if ABC wants the show to get a larger audience, they certainly have to hire me as a regular. I have a few million fans, by the way.

That’s one thing you and Nathan Fillion have in common: militant fans. What’s the secret of your longevity in the entertainment industry?
Well, it’s good to be loved but it’s better to be worshipped.

Why are you worshipped? What does KISS have that most other rock bands don’t?
The size of a certain appendage. Not the one you’re suspecting, though. Not the oral appendage. These are all big words like gymnasium, but I’m trying to make an easy read.

Whose tongue is longer: yours or Nathan’s?
Nathan is but a child compared to the master.

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