Planet Green’s ‘Beekman Boys’ Working Hard for the Money

Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell in The Fabulous Beekman Boys (Planet Green)

Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell in The Fabulous Beekman Boys (Planet Green)

Can Planet Green’s “Fabulous Beekman Boys” sell enough soap and cheese to hold on to their farm?

That’s been the central question for the last six weeks as Season Two of this reality series about two gay men from New York City becoming upstate gentlemen farmers moves into the home stretch. Four episodes are left in the 10-episode second season, including this week’s episode, Tuesday night at 10/9c on Discovery-owned PG.

The Beekman Boys are Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, partners who bought a 200 year-old house in upstate New York in 2008 as a weekend home and then both lost their jobs in New York City in the economic downturn. So they decided to work their upstate land full-time (although Josh eventually got another job in the city, so he only works on the farm on weekends) and build a business from a herd of goats.

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It’s a lot to ask of 80 (or more) goats, but the Beekman Boys (Beekman is the name of the man who originally built their house) are counting on soap, cheese and other by-products of goat’s milk to provide at least part of the revenue they need to keep the farm afloat. Josh told the farm needs revenue of $1 million to stay in business and also to allow Josh to quit his city job and move upstate with Brent full-time.

What’s the prognosis? So far, so good.

The two novice goat farmers are growing their business “in every direction we can,” Josh says. “Our main problem is we had to figure out the best way to use the goat’s milk we were producing. So we started out making soap and the following year we made cheese and then some more beauty products and then we started meeting all these incredible craftspeople in the area – from blacksmiths to weavers to woodworkers – and then started helping them market their creations through our business.”

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Now, the two have found at least two national retail chains willing to stock their soap – Anthropologie and Williams-Sonoma. Despite that breakthrough, both Josh and Brent insist their business has not yet made them wealthy, but they’re working on it.

“We’re working toward that goal,” says Brent. “We just finished filming the second season two weeks ago [and] in the last episode [viewers] are going to see how close we came to meeting the challenge – if we did or if we didn’t.”

Neither Brent nor Josh would reveal the outcome, but we’re willing to tune in these next few weeks and see for ourselves – as should you.

“The Fabulous Beekman Boys” airs Tuesday night at 10 on Planet Green.

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