‘Justified’ Finale: Is Harlan Ready For Another Showdown?

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in Justified (FX)

Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in Justified (FX)

The first season of “Justified” concluded in an epic, bloody firefight. So will tonight’s Season 2 finale, with the foreboding title “Bloody Harlan,” deliver the same kind of showdown? Series creator Graham Yost offered us a preview of what to expect tonight, and what the future holds for Boyd and Raylan’s tumultuous relationship.

Take us inside your approach to the finale, and what you wanted to accomplish. When we started writing last August, we knew that the major theme of the season would be feuds and their cost. We knew from pretty early on that Mags Bennett’s poisoning of Walt McCready was the “original sin” of the season; a crime she would have to pay for. We knew that Loretta, a child of the hill country feud culture, would want to seek revenge. And we knew that Raylan would want to save her soul.

Did anything disappoint you about this season? Anything you wish you could have done, but didn’t have the time, forethought or resources? Honestly, we had such a good time this season, I feel satisfied. I had big fears — did we take too long getting Boyd back into the criminal life? Would the audience care about Boyd and Ava, or even buy it? — but no crushing disappointments.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Justified/105302/1901724908/Justified-Bloody-Harlan%28SEASON-FINALE%29/embed 580 476]

What should fans look forward to next season? And if you haven’t gotten that far yet…what would your dream season be? I can’t say for sure what we’re going to do next season, but I will say this: we spent much of this season returning Boyd to a life of crime. I would expect Raylan and Boyd will return to greater antagonism.

What were the high points of the season? Any scene with Raylan and Art. Any scene with Raylan and Rachel. Raylan and Winona. Well, Raylan and anyone. But specific highlights: Mags poisoning McCready. Raylan giving Loretta a phone. Mags hammering Coover’s hand. Mags at the town meeting. Boyd dancing with Ava at Mags’ party. Loretta finding her dad’s watch. Dickie trying to keep Coover from taking Loretta. Raylan taking Dickie into the woods to kill him. The last scene of the last episode, between Raylan and Mags.

Do you have a favorite episode, line, or scene from this season? If so – what? Favorite episode: 209: “Brother’s Keeper’, written by Taylor Elmore and directed by Tony Goldwyn. Favorite line: “Whoop-de-doo!”

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