Rachel Maddow Talks Bin Laden On ‘The Daily Show’

Rachel Maddow on The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

Rachel Maddow on The Daily Show (Comedy Central)

Rachel Maddow stopped by “The Daily Show” Tuesday night to discuss the death of Osama Bin Laden with Jon Stewart.

Maddow detailed the hours she spent leading up to President Obama’s announcement Sunday night. She was home and started receiving emails from co-workers, politely asking if she was busy and wouldn’t mind coming into the office. When her boss called, ordering her to “get down to the studio now,” she understood the gravity of the situation.

She called the story of Bin Laden’s death “one of those times when if you have a big ego about being in the news business, it’s going to be worse,” because the significance of this event causes reporters to feel a sense of inflated self-importance. But not her. Maddow joked about her reaction to the news: “Something’s happened to Osama Bin Laden and I’m the one who’s needed now?!”

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