Reality Rage: Star Jones Was Ready to Call ‘The Po Po’ on NeNe

by | May 4, 2011 at 3:55 PM | Celebrity Apprentice, TV News

NeNe Leakes and Star Jones Go At It on 'Celebrity Apprentice' (Photo: NBC)

NeNe Leakes and Star Jones Go At It on 'Celebrity Apprentice' (Photo: NBC)

Star Jones wasn’t scared when NeNe Leakes got up in her grill on last week’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” she just doesn’t roll like that.

“When you’re confronted in the wild with an uncaged animal, you’re supposed to retreat. You’re not supposed to attack,” Jones explained to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Tuesday.

Star continues the mud-slinging on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”:


“I knew that she had been violent, volatile in the past and I just wasn’t going to go there,” Jones said of the shocking confrontation, before adding: “I’m going to be very clear, this was TV, but don’t be misled: the po po would have been called if she had touched me. Cuz I don’t play like that.

While many of her fellow cast mates assert Jones has been ruthless in her attempts to win this season and become The Donald’s next “Apprentice,” the former “View” co-host claims she merely wanted to go on the reality show to raise money for her charity that supports heart disease. Jones had open heart surgery last year.

For anyone who’s wondering if the costars buried the hatchet after the show wrapped, Jones confirmed the chances for reconciliation are slim to none. “I don’t hang with people like that.”

Watch Star and NeNe’s Heated Confrontation on Last Week’s Show Below:


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