‘Amazing Race’: How Jen & Kisha Will Spend Their Winnings

Kisha and Jennifer Hoffman on The Amazing Race (CBS)

Kisha and Jennifer Hoffman on The Amazing Race (CBS)

Sisters Kisha and Jennifer Hoffman gave their mom the best Mother’s Day gift of all on Sunday: winning “The Amazing Race.” On a call Monday, the duo shared their strategy going into the finale and how they plan on giving back to their mother.

On whether the win has sunk in yet:
Kisha: It’s really exciting. It’s very surreal. It really hasn’t set in yet. My sister is sitting here with her eyes closed.

On what they plan on doing for their mother with the winnings:
Kisha: My mom, all she did all season long – especially yesterday – was cry. We are still trying to figure out what we want to do for her. It might be buying her a property, but we don’t even know. She was very proud of us.

On what they want to do with the money:
Jen: Considering that gas prices are fairly high, I think I’m going to invest in a hybrid.

Kisha: I’m in graduate school, so I’m going to pay for that. I’m in social service, my sister’s coaching, and I coach. We both work in fields where you’re not going to get rich on that. Now that we’ve had the chance to win a million dollars together, we have to build on that. I want to do what I’m passionate about, which is working with kids.

On their strategy going into the finale:
Jen: It was definitely a grueling couple of legs. I think we were so hyped up on adrenaline that we didn’t even recognize how tired we were. Once you step off that plane, it’s go time. You can’t slack off and think you don’t have to run. Mallory and I talked on the plane about every single Detour from the season, thinking [the finale] was going to be a memory pack. All these assumptions ran through our heads but we still had no clue what to expect.


On any moments from the season they’re still kicking themselves over (like the Snapple challenge):
Kisha: Let’s just clarify: when they gave me the clue, they said “don’t break it.” So we were thinking they meant don’t break the seal. We were not the only team running around showing people our Snapple bottle. Otherwise, nothing that we did put us on the brink of elimination, so we felt like we ran a great race.

On the most difficult challenge this season:
Kisha: I think just the race initially was overall challenging. Once they tell you there’s a Pit Stop and you get there and it’s not and they tell you to keep racing, that scarred us. Every other leg we were just praying a Pit Stop was a Pit Stop. There was a point in China where we were exhausted and hungry…I think just mentally overcoming those challenges was the most difficult part of the season.

On how their relationship has changed from this experience:
Kisha: We’ve always been very close. Growing up with a single mom, we were always there for each other. I respect my sister. She’s a competitor and a great racer. It’s really a great feeling to realize we’ve overcome so much in life in general, and we can take on this opportunity and come out on top.

On how they managed stress:
Jen: It’s definitely a personality thing, and I think we can attribute that to being Division 1 athletes, and knowing what it takes to be very competitive but also a good teammate. Considering we are family, we’re going to bicker and argue. But I know how to manage stress because I don’t let other people put their stress on me.

On whether they had a feeling they would win:
Kisha: It’s one of those things where you set a goal for yourself and you hope you can accomplish it. I do feel like there were some things that happened that felt like divine intervention. At no point did we feel like we would be eliminated. Even the Snapple bottle, we ended up still being in the right place. But it really hit us when we were on that bridge in the last leg and we thought, We really did it.

On whether Jen considered wearing a diaper this season:
Jen: [Laughs] I actually went into this season saying that I will not drink four bottles of water before any task, so I had that going for me.

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