‘Castle’ Season Finale: Who Will Die? Who Will Grow?

Castle (ABC)

Castle (ABC)

The third season of “Castle” has been hilarious, as the Nikki Heat movie parodied Castle and Beckett’s relationship. It has also been moving, as Beckett’s attempts to find her mother’s murderer brought her closer to the truth without giving her any closure. It has also been sexy, as Beckett and Castle finally kissed. Along the way, there were dirty bombs, soap operas and dueling pizza parlors. The season finale, “Knockout” which airs May 16, promises to be the season’s biggest episode yet. Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe has already revealed, “[Someone] we’ve seen many, many times before does die in the finale.” Now Marlowe shares his thoughts about the season, the finale, and the hilarious behind-the-scenes moments that fans will never get to see.

Watch One Of Marlowe’s Favorite Episodes Of The Season:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Castle/101449/1758764171/Knockdown/embed 580 476]

Take us inside your approach to the finale, and what you wanted to accomplish.
I think the finale this year is an extraordinarily special episode, incredibly well written by Will Beall and directed with power and precision by Rob Bowman. Our actors have never been finer. What we wanted to accomplish was to present a story that challenged our characters, and propelled us into a new dynamic next year. We believe that our characters are ready to grow, but in a way that will only enhance what’s already special about the show.

Did anything disappoint you about this season? Anything you wish you could have done, but didn’t have the time, forethought or resources?
I think any show creator out there would always like more money and resources to deliver more compelling stories to the audience with bigger scope and scale, but I thought the “Castle” team did a stellar job this year balancing bigger storylines with episodes that had strong personal stakes or compelling crimes at their heart.

What should fans look forward to next season? And if you haven’t gotten that far yet…what would your dream season be?
I think we have a very interesting dynamic to look forward to next year. But more on that after the finale. Honestly, I feel that every year that we’re invited back to make these fun shows with this really fun bunch of people is a dream season.

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What were the high points of the season?
There were a ton of highlights for me this season. Punked, 3XK, Close Encounters, Nikki Heat, Set-up , Countdown, One Life to Lose, Knockdown and Knockout. And so many great actors: A. Martinez, Laura Prepon, Michael McKean, Adrian Pasdar, Jane Seymour, Jason Beghe, Lyle Lovett, Gilles Marini. But the greatest thing about this season for me was working on something I love along with a great team of creative people. There are some great off-camera moments that stick out – like Stana riding the Penny Farthing around the set of the Steampunk Club in between takes, or watching the cast mistake Laura Prepon for Stana when she had her brunette wig on.

Do you have a favorite episode, line, or scene from this season? If so – what?
My favorite line is in the finale. And it’s a spoiler. So I won’t tell you what it is until after it airs. My runner-up is the scene where Castle pulls all the wires in “Countdown.”

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