‘The Voice’: Frenchie Davis Ready For Battle (Rounds)

Frenchie Davis (NBC)

Frenchie Davis (NBC)

Frenchie Davis had an epiphany last year when she saw herself on the cover of The National Enquirer.

“They did an entire article about me being fat and I realized that hiding isn’t really protecting me from scrutiny,” she says.  “So I might as well go balls to the wall.

“I am not going to allow the past to scare me away from chasing my dream and going after everything I want out of life.”

First stop:  “The Voice.”

Davis — who made headlines 8 years ago when she was dismissed from “American Idol” – landed a spot on Christina’s Aguilera’s team and is prepared to sing for her survival when the show’s “battle rounds” air beginning tonight.

Preview Frenchie’s Battle With Tarralyn:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Voice/141730/1913956742/Tarralyn-and-Frenchie%2C-Part-2/embed 580 476]

But first, we’ve got a few questions…

You said during your audition that you had given up on this dream.
Well, there was a part of me that had kind of given up on aspirations of having a recording career.  But I didn’t give up.  Obviously.  There are definitely moments where I may have wanted to.  And those are the times when you need to dig deep and believe that you were given the gift you were given with a purpose.  And you just have to keep working and keep trying to grow and hope that some day that purpose will be revealed to you.

Do you see this as a second chance?
I see it as an opportunity to perhaps go to another level in my career.  That is the only way I can look at it.  An opportunity to grow.  I definitely have been blessed with success on Broadway, but Broadway is not a recording contract.  So those two things are totally different.  And I would just really love to have the opportunity to record an album.

Not many people know you have a Grammy nomination.
The Grammy nomination was for a cast recording.  So it is technically the producer who was nominated for a cast recording of “Ain’t Misbehavin.”  That wasn’t for a Frenchie Davis album.  I just want to take the gift I have been given and reach my full potential I have been given.

You seemed a little surprised that Cee Lo recognized you.
I was!  Here is the thing:  I was on ‘Idol’ eight years ago for maybe two minutes.  And everybody doesn’t go see Broadway plays.  So I don’t take for granted that people on Cee Lo’s level will know who I am.   It meant a great deal to me.

How is the first couple of weeks of coaching going?
It has been wonderful.  Christina is kind of like a mama bear a little bit.  She gives insightful critiques.  I think that is what is really special about the show.  It is not a panel of judges judging you.  It is a group of fellow artists saying “Hey, this is how I think you can grow and this is how I can help you do that.”

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