Lyndsy Fonseca On ‘Nikita’s Finale: ‘People Will Be Stoked’

The name of the show is“Nikita,” but young double agent Alex, played by Lyndsy Fonseca, has become the show’s breakout character.  Tonight’s finale finds Alex in jeopardy; her former boss at Division has put out a hit on her.  Will she survive? Will the cult hit be back for a second season? Fonseca shared her thoughts about the finale, Alex’s journey over the course of the season, and her favorite form of torture.

What is going to become of Alex during the “Nikita” finale? There’s a photo from the finale that has been released of Alex lying on the ground in front of Amanda.
As the season has progressed, we’ve been toying with Alex wondering if Nikita’s just having her risk her life to help her out or if she’s really in it to make Alex a woman of her own. Alex has really grown up a lot this year and I think she’s tired of following orders. She’s been through a lot in her life. So I think she’s starting to take responsibility for those things and make her own decisions for the first time. In the last episodes, there are showdowns between everybody. So many things shift and change. I think people are going to be really stoked. [The photo is from] the moment where Amanda drops the act and gets extremely real with Alex. It’s really funny to see Melinda [Clarke] play that. They really gave her a lot more to do in the last two episodes. It was really fun to shoot. I don’t think it’s as simple as Amanda wants to cancel her. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. It’s worth the wait.

Alex’s love interest Nathan was played by Thad Lunckinbill, who played your love interest on “The Young & the Restless” when you were a teenager. What was it like working with him again?

It was so cool. It was like not a day had gone by, really. He’s married with babies now. I hadn’t seen him in so many years, but when Craig [Silverstein], our creator, came up to me about guys up for the role and I saw his name on the list, I did everything I could to get him the job. I was like, “You have to hire him.” We’ve always had really good chemistry together and we’re friends. It was just really fun.

How has Alex changed over the course of the season? How has her relationship with Nikita evolved?

I think that because Alex is young, a year in a person’s life at 19, a lot more happens than maybe someone going from 40 to 41. I think someone who’s been through as much as she’s been through, I think she went from a child to a woman. She didn’t take responsibility for anything. She was pretty much a broken child. She was a drug addict. She played the victim. She was really messed up. Nikita was really the one that got her to embrace who she is and to fight for what she believes in. There’s been a lot of hurt along the way in terms of finding out certain things. I think the show, because it’s called “Nikita” but it has a lot of Alex storylines, it’s a way of showing Nikita’s path in a different way. It’s a way to show how one can end up like Nikita. With our two characters, we’re in such different places in our lives.

What do you think is Division’s most horrifying form of torture?

I think by far the best torture scene on the show has been Maggie Q chained up to the wall looking at herself talking about Daniel because I think people expect all the time physical torture. I’ve been beat up more times than I can count. That’s an obvious way to go. But I thought that scene where I come in and they don’t know I’m the mole and I plant the bombs so that her chains will fall and there’s that scene between Amanda and Nikita was really powerful.

Where would you like to see Alex go in season two? Will she find romance with Owen?

Alex will most likely have power of her own in a way. Let’s leave it at that. I love the idea of Alex and Owen together. I think it’s funny because it’s something that the fans completely made up on their own. I’ve never even worked with Devon [Sawa]. I see him walking around the trailers and stuff and I say hi. I think that’s definitely an interesting choice. I don’t know. I think where the season ends, a boy is really not on her mind.

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