‘DWTS’ Recap: Who Will Make The Finals?

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas (Photo: ABC)

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas (Photo: ABC)

The four semifinalists hit the dance floor not once, not twice, but three times Monday night, but what was on people’s “Dancing with the Stars” minds was … what exactly happened to Kym Johnson?

Here’s what went down: In rehearsals Friday, Hines Wards’ partner fell while trying a risky move she’d never done before – a flip through the legs that ended up with Hines falling on diminutive dancer, who landed hard and awkwardly on her neck. Kym’s first words immediately following the scary incident: “I can’t feel my arms.” Co-host Tom Bergeron warned viewers before airing the footage, “It is kind of hard to watch.” He was not kidding.

See the Scary Moment for Yourself Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/1932598089/Week-9%2C-Part-1/embed?skipTo=1691 420 382]


But by Monday, Kym is fine, no neck brace, and the couple earned the first perfect score of the season for their perfect Argentine Tango. And those weren’t the only 10’s of the night, either.

Odd quote of the night: Co-host Brooke Burke calling viewers “lame” if they haven’t voted yet. That’s what happens when she goes off the tele-prompter. Lame. Later on she royally messed up the coin toss when it came down who danced the Cha Cha first. It’s a must-see. Between that and Kym’s near nip-slip, this might be the most eventful episode of “DWTS” all season.

Let’s take a look at the triple threat of dances: one ballroom routine, one new Latin routine, and one Winner-Takes-All Instant Cha Cha Cha…


Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: Argentine Tango
The crowd went crazy, but, frankly my dears, I was bored. “It didn’t really smolder,” said Len Goodman, who added that it was “well done.” Bruno Tonioli made a joke about stroking his lamppost. Come now, this is a family show. “It was too flat,” he added. Carrie Ann Inaba agreed with Bruno. “I want to see it all connected! Go Ralph Go!”
Score: 25

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Viennese Waltz
Kirstie and Maks have gotten along well all season; some would even say that Maks seems happier this year than in past years. But the pressure really got the best of them in rehearsals. “Let me answer the f-ing question!” Kirstie cried to Maks when he was trying to give her some advice. “My body is wracked. This is the ultimate challenge,” she explained afterward. Bruno screamed with delight. Carrie Ann loved it. Len said, “You did well. That was a great dance, well done.”
Score: 27

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: Argentine Tango
Wow, Mark called her a “dead weight” in rehearsal. Ouch. She certainly pulled her own weight when it was show time, but the judges were mixed. You are such a fantastic dancer but I found that to not be up to par,” said Carrie Ann. “You have to give it your best!” Len said her legs lacked authority throughout the dance but thought it was a “first class performance.” Bruno said she played it well. “That was Sharon Stone out there,” he said.
Score: 28

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: Argentine Tango
With her neck brace off and putting on a brave face after the painful fall, the two delivered the sexiest Argentine Tango of the night. Hines had tears in his eyes at the end of the dance. “The legs, it was like something from the Kama Sutra. That was a tango!” said Len. Bruno said, “Every emotion was out there for the taking…It was like good sex. You never want it to end.” A tearful Carrie Ann said she was just happy Kym was okay because “that was a serious injury.”
Score: 30

Watch Part 2 of Monday’s Semi-Finals on xfinityTV.com:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/1932597228/Week-9%2C-Part-2/embed 580 476]



Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff: Salsa
The family package is sure to get him even more votes, because those butt-enhancing pants and cheesy ’80s club costumes might just hurt them. “There was no rhythm. It was too wild!” said Len. Bruno joked that he went for a “bad ass salsa” and then he made the most offensive comment of the season by using the p-word (Karina was wearing a cat outfit and Bruno said, “You were too rough with your p—y, darling,” which made Karina gasp out loud and the audience boo. The word was bleeped out on both coasts. And, boy, was Karina was angry.
Score: 23

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Paso Doble
The lady in black delivered a fierce, powerful, and sexy Paso Doble that Bruno called a “force of nature.” Carrie Ann screamed, “You’re the Queen of the Paso Doble. That was fantastic,” to which Kirstie kissed Tom and hugged Maks. Len said it was “danced fabulously.”
Score: 27

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas: Rumba
Mark Ballas upped the creativity factor again with this dramatic Rumba that had Chelsea walking out draped in a long, flowing, sheet of sheer material. “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Full range of emotions, full passion,” said Carrie Ann. Len said she had lovely feet, hands and legs. “Tonight you have fulfilled your potential,” he added. Bruno called it romantic and erotic: “It was stunning.”
Score: 30

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson: Salsa
Between the tears for Kym earlier and his “Eat. Sleep. Dance.” socks, Hines has certainly picked up even more fans this week than he already has, which has many observers already calling him the winner. It was a cute, fun, and youthful Salsa, but did they attempt the move that put her in the hospital? Nope. “I loved it. It was just a joyful experience,” said Len. “You’re just beautiful, man,” said Bruno.
Score: 30


“DWTS” upped their game this week by introducing yet another cool new element to the show: The first ever Winner-Takes-All Cha-Cha, in which the winner gets 15 extra points toward their overall score. And the winner was… Chelsea and Mark.

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