‘Hawaii Five-O’ Finale Promises Answers to Lingering Questions

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

In Monday night’s (10/9c) season finale of “Hawaii Five-O,” many of the questions remaining from the toolbox found in McGarrett’s father’s garage will be answered – including the link to international terrorist Wo Fat, as played by Mark Dacascos (aka “the Chairman” from “Iron Chef America”). The question is, will McGarrett’s rage put the rest of the team at risk? H50 executive producer Peter Lenkov previewed the explosive episode.

Take us inside your approach to the finale, and what you wanted to accomplish: Our main goal was to not only tell a good story, but to honor what we had launched in the pilot and played over the course of the season… answer the burning questions and perhaps pose some new ones. We also wanted to follow through on some of the open storylines, like who replaced the money in the Forefeiture Locker to protect Five-0.

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What should fans look forward to next season? And if you haven’t gotten that far yet…what would your dream season be? Solid stories, better mysteries and more character development…we’re also expanding the Five-0 family, so that’s going to be fun to watch develop. Right now though we are still blue skying episodes, stories we’d love to tell next season. We have a few pretty fleshed out and I’m really excited about them.

What were the high points of the season? Certainly one of the major high points was our Waikiki Premier. Having so many people turn up to support us was a real honor, really humbling. We were all so nervous knowing that this was the audience we most wanted to please. Hawaii Five-0 belongs to the people of Hawaii. We wanted nothing more than to make them proud. Other high points include working with my partners and great writing staff, getting creative with so many awesome guest stars, the trips once a month to Hawaii to spend time with the cast and crew, and watching the show develop into a solid hour of entertainment week to week.

Do you have a favorite episode, line, or scene from this season? If so – what? That’s like asking me which of my 4 children I like best. Not sure it’s a question I can answer… I love ’em all the same. If there is a line though, it would be the response McGarrett gives to Sang Min when he asks in the pilot: “What kind of cops are you?” McGarrett responds: “The new kind.” When I wrote the line I felt it best summed up the franchise.

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