‘Good Wife’ Season Finale: Josh Charles Promises Laughs And Tears

Josh Charles in The Good Wife (CBS)

Josh Charles in The Good Wife (CBS)

Three weeks ago, “The Good Wife’s” Alicia (Julianna Margulies) learned her husband had a one night stand with her best friend. Two weeks ago, she kicked her husband out of her house. Last week she confronted her best friend. In tonight’s finale, she might finally get together with Will, the man she has pined for the past two seasons. This steamy promo suggests that the proper duo will throw caution to the wind in the office elevator.

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Josh Charles, who plays the brilliant, morally ambiguous Will, was as cagey as his character about Will and Alicia’s romantic future. However, he enthusiastically shared his thoughts about the season finale, the skeletons in Will’s closet and why the third season will be even more dramatic.

The promo for the finale of “The Good Wife” is very steamy. Are Will and Alicia going to find love in an elevator? What else is going to happen?
I can’t really talk about the specifics of that [scene]. But one of the things that felt really special about the end of the second season is that starting with the episode where Alicia first starts getting the inclination that Alicia slept with Peter (Chris Noth), from that episode on each script we’ve been reading we kept commenting, “Each one could be the end of the season.” The fact that they were able to build on that momentum and inspire the next one is really great. That kept us all really energetic, really jazzed. One of our co-creators, Robert King, directed the last episode. It was the first one he directed. It was just incredible to have him around.  The beauty of having the co-creator of the show…  Is we’re really getting to see first hand  what he wants, what he likes, what he wants to try to do differently. To have him right there being very clear about what the tone and intention of the scene was great. We get to go head to head with Glenn Childs, played by Titus Welliver, who I love as an actor. I’ve been friends with him for years. Oddly, after the pilot…  we haven’t had any scenes together. We always laugh about it. The character’s leaving the States Attorney’s office and having that sort of swan song case, was really fun to be in the courtroom with him, to have scenes with him in the judge’s quarters and the courtroom. I’m really excited about the episode. It’s got different twists and turns. It’s got a lot of great energy, great pacing. There’s humor. There’s intrigue. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry, It’s better than “Cats.” What more do you want?

In your opinion, does Will love Alicia?
I think he does. Absolutely. But I think love is complicated. I do think there is a very deep bond there. But without question, yes.

Is Will prepared to take on all of Alicia’s baggage: the kids, the ex-husband?
I don’t know… He might not be ready to do all that. He might not be the best step parent. We’ll have to see what happens as the series evolves and which direction they take things in. I think that’s part of the struggle. I think you can love someone and also know that maybe they’re not in the right position to be there to raise your children. That doesn’t mean you love them any less. That’s part of the heartache and the inner turmoil.

This season, Will was quite ruthless and willing to break the rules both to win cases and regain control of the law firm. Are there any lines he would not cross?
I think Will is unafraid to push things as far as he can push in the courtroom and in his law practice if it can keep him winning. When it comes to work, winning is very important to him. Yes, he’s a very morally ambiguous character. He’s not easy. He’s not trying to be liked by those around him. I think he can be incredibly loyal. I think when he does stuff that other people in the firm or on the other side of the courtroom think is the right thing to do, I don’t think it’s because he’s drawn to the morality of it. I think it’s just about winning the case, winning the client. I think he has a very competitive nature and an athletic background. He can be a nice guy, but when you get in between the lines of a baseball field, a basketball court, a football field, your goal is to win, whatever it takes. I think he pushes himself as far and maybe sometimes over the line, but I think a lot of people on the show do that.

What was Will doing between law school, when he knew Alicia, and when the series began? He seems to have had some dirty dealings with Blake.
I think his past with Blake was probably supposed to arc out at some point this year. I think now it’s moved to next year. I’m actually really excited about that. I’m not sure how that will come out, but I think when it does it will be rally enlightening about Will’s backstory. I think Will was a very aggressive young lawyer and was a part of another firm. The stuff that I think Blake was alluding to happened years ago when Will was working in another firm in Baltimore. I think later he left for a Chicago firm and that firm, very much like William Morris and Endeavor, merged with another firm which is how him and Diane got together. I think he spent his time being really aggressive and trying to become a main partner at a successful firm. He’s done just that and almost watched it all fall apart with our financial crisis when the firm started losing clients.I think that gets back to the nature of not wanting him to lose. I think it’s really important to him to stay on top.

How will Peter becoming the State’s Attorney  change the dynamics of the show?
Doesn’t it sound just great? It’s rife with drama. I look forward to going head-to-head with him in court with all the subtextual baggage we each bring to it, with Peter and Alicia possibly working against each other in court. I’m excited by it.

Are we going to see Will and Alicia in a relationship next season?
You’ll have to see. Things may be progressing. Let your imagination wander and wonder where we’ll go next season. I think it’s a possibility. There’s a lot of different avenues that the show could go down which is a real comment on the strength of the writing and where they positioned us.

There are rumors the show may be moving to a different time period next season. How do you feel about that?
I don’t really know. I’m sure it’s a possibility. People that make a lot more money than me figure this stuff out. Our job is just to keep doing our job and hope that we’re keeping the show exciting and entertaining for people. I would obviously hope we’ll be in a slot where people like to watch TV.

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