GH’s Jason Thompson & Kimberly McCullough on Lisa’s Latest Scheme

General Hospital’s” Robin and Patrick were the happiest, most stable couple in Port Charles until Patrick’s crazy ex-girlfriend Lisa (Brianna Brown) came to town determined to get him back. In a weak moment, Patrick slept with her. When he told her it was a mistake, she went into “Fatal Attraction” mode. She has kidnapped Robin, got their teenaged babysitter hooked on drugs and even participated in a scavenger hunt for a syringe. Now she is taking her revenge plot even further, attempting to blow up Robin and Patrick’s house. Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson, who play the couple fans call Scrubs, shared their thoughts on Lisa’s reign of terror.

We’ve seen Lisa researching gas leaks. Is she attempting to blow up Robin and Patrick?
McCullough: Not necessarily. Patrick, I think she’s trying to frame him, but she’s definitely trying to kill Robin. But that’s nothing new. She always tries to kill me in a different way.

Lisa’s a pretty inefficient aspiring killer.
McCullough:She’s crafty in the way that she keeps coming up with different ways to try to kill me.

Thompson: She killed a nurse a couple months ago but that hasn’t been talked about.

McCullough: Didn’t she throw her down the stairs?

Is anyone ever going to find out what happened to that poor nurse?
McCullough: Probably not.

Thompson: She might still be there. I’m not actually sure.

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First Robin fell down a well. Now Lisa’s locking her in the basement. How is Robin going to get out of this one?
Thompson: She’s always been one step ahead of us. Robin’s always had her suspicions of her, obviously. No one really listened to her. But I think this is the first time Robin and Patrick are a step ahead of her. We somewhat corner her in her own kind of trap and turn the tables on her.

McCullough: It’s team work. Someone actually believes her this time.

Are we finally going to see the end of Lisa?
McCullough: Nope.

Thompson: It’s kind of like a month of some really crazy story. You think it’s over and it’s not.  It comes back. It’s the beauty of storyline in the soap world. It never realistically ends. It just keeps going. There is a finale to it, not necessarily exactly how you would expect it, but there’s a big change in the next month for sure.

Will there ever be an explanation of why Lisa got Kristina hooked on drugs? There have got to be easier ways for her to get access to Robin and Patrick’s house.
McCullough: Yeah, but I don’t think Lisa cares about an easy way. It’s free access. It’s someone on her side.

Though they were heartbreaking to watch, you had such great meaty scenes when Robin and Patrick were separated. Do you prefer to play a united or a divided Robin and Patrick?
McCullough: United. I like hanging out with the kid because that means we have fun scenes to do.

Thompson: The beauty of it really is the challenge of both of them, and the changing. It can be a little monotonous doing the exact same thing, but we’ve been lucky that our story has changed over the last five years and we’ve grown together. Obviously in the last year, we’ve separated and grown apart, but I think the underlying love has always been there. It’s going to be exciting in the future to get back to that place we were before, and I think, personally, in a stronger relationship than they were before this all went down.

Would you advise couples who are going through a rough time to bond over fighting a psycho killer?
Thompson: No. I would actually persuade them not to go that route. If you’re thinking about it, stop now.

Is there a part of Patrick that still cares about Lisa given that she is more insane than purely evil?
Thompson: I think there is a little of that. Just with a sense of humanity, I think it’s sad to see somebody go that way, more than anything. But there’s a lot of anger there also for everything she’s put him through, and his family. I think there’s a lot of guilt there, also. It’s a convoluted story that we’re going to have to work through.

Robin was, justifiably in my opinion, unwilling to consider forgiving Patrick for a long time. Was it difficult playing so mean for so long?
McCullough: I didn’t really think I was that mean. I think that it was justified and I liked playing that process of forgiveness. That was really cool because it took a long time, which I liked. On TV when women forgive their husbands right away, it seems sort of irresponsible and unrealistic. So I liked the fact that she took that long to do it and now it’s even more fun to play that they are lovey dovey.

After Lisa is finally vanquished, what would you like Robin and Patrick’s next storyline to be?
Thompson: I just think to really go back to before this all happened and try and break down their relationship a little more and acknowledge that there were some issues before this all happened and trying to figure out why. There are things in his personal life that Patrick can improve on and vice versa. There’s a lot of stuff with Robin and Stone. I’m sure Patrick wants to know if she’s really over this. It’s been glossed over. Patrick did what he did for a reason. Now I’d like to figure out why he did it. I think there could be some really good story in there. Within that story, w can bring in some patients in the hospital, and maybe we can learn more about Robin and Patrick.

Jason, what does you Emmy nomination mean to you?
Thompson: It means a lot. It feels good to kind of work for five years and through some great storylines and a lot of hard work to get that pat on the back from your peers. It feels really good, honestly. It’s not necessarily why you this job. It’s not why I do it. But it feels really good to get it. It’s a nice little bonus.

“General Hospital” got the most nominations of any soap. Are you all getting ready to go party in Vegas?
Thompson: Yeah. I’m actually leaving right after this and I’m going to spend the next month there. We’re excited. It’s great for our show. In a time of somewhat uncertainty, it was a really, really good day when we heard we got 21 nominations. It’s really, really nice.

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