‘The Good Wife’ Finale: Love In An Elevator

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

Let’s get everyone’s burning question about “The Good Wife’s” season finale out of the way first. Yes, Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) totally do it. The promos that have been airing all week were not a mislead. It was the hottest sex scene ever to air on CBS primetime — and not just because it didn’t end with somebody getting dismembered by a serial killer.

But it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.  The episode began with Will delivering the closing statement in the trial that was discussed at the end of last week’s episode. Lockhart-Gardener is defending a man accused of killing a judge who ruled against him in a civil case. It’s Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver) final case as State’s Attorney. In an homage to O.J., a bloody glove that could contain the real killer’s DNA is missing. Alicia opens an envelope to find… the bloody glove!  The lawyers at Lockhart-Gardener need to figure out if it’s the real deal and who sent it. The clock is ticking, because once the jury delivers a verdict, it will became a case for the appellate course, who will not be sympathetic to a man who was convicted of killing a judge.

Watch Will And Alicia’s Bad Timing:

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Will asks Peter (Chris Noth)  for his help, in a spectacularly awkward, tense conversation whose subtext is, “let’s just have a measuring contest and settle this once and for all.”

Kalinda (Acrhie Panjabi) gets Sheila (Kelli Giddish), her investigator ex-girlfriend, to run a DNA test on a piece of paper that the glove touched.  They also test the outer packaging. The DNA on the gloves belongs to a female. The package turns out to be covered in two people’s DNA: a match for a criminal — Lockhart Gardener’s mailroom clerk, and someone with a government i.d. A postal employee who remembers Cary dropped off a package. His denial that he is the mole is less than convincing.

Kalinda has sex with Sheila, who gets a call from her husband while they were in bed. Kalinda feels awful that she has unwittingly slept with another married person.

Meanwhile, Eli (Alan Cumming) convinces Diane (Christine Baranski) that his lobbying firm should be a part of Lockhart Gardener, and that Alicia should be the liaison between the two divisions. This is going to be awesome television, even if it will be hell for Alicia.

Watch “Closing Arguments” Here

Kalinda figures out that a woman who lost millions of dollars in a case where the judge recused himself is the culprit. The judge declares a mistrial. In the courtroom hallway, Peter fondles a package receipt. He sent Alicia the knife! Were his motives to help her, get revenge on Glenn Childs, or save an innocent man? Why did he feel the need to get so tactile with the receipt at that moment?

Peter surely did not anticipate that his actions would bring Will and Alicia together. The two go out for a celebratory drink. Will wonders what it would be like if they had good timing for an hour. She thinks it would be an exceptional moment. He puts his hand on hers. It’s electric. Will tries to get a hotel room, but the hotel is booked except for the presidential suite which is $7800 a night. It seems like it would be easier to take a cab to Will’s place, but Chicago’s 16th Most Eligible Bachelor decides to show how he earned the title. Will puts down his Platinum AmEx card. Apparently, being a named partner in a law firm is not enough for an AmEx Black.

They get into an elevator. Proving that they really do have the worst timing ever, a kid has pressed the buttons for every floor. In a brilliantly directed sequence, the camera stays on the elevator doors. Each time they open, Will and Alicia look more frustrated, until they finally start making out in the elevator.  It is very sexy while technically PG rated. They get out. The card key doesn’t work. It’s agonizing, but it turns out that Will put it in backwards. Alicia sticks the card in the slot. They get a literal green light, and they enter their hotel room. The door shuts. Fade to black.

In Los Angeles, the next cut is to a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mistress on the local news. Sometimes, life imitates art.

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