And The Celebrity Apprentice Is…

John Rich and Marlee Matlin (NBC)

John Rich and Marlee Matlin (NBC)

Country singer John Rich was crowned this season’s “Celebrity Apprentice” victor, winning $250,000 for  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Ok, no big surprise really – though many expected to see Marlee Matlin as queen of the Boardroom after she raised a record setting (and jaw-dropping) $1 million on a single task earlier this season.

What was unexpected was the way Donald Trump crowned his fourth Celebrity Apprentice.  After a two hour buildup (that far exceeded the payoff), the billionaire almost-presidential candidate promised “I’m gonna do something a little different tonight” – then quickly selected Rich and let the credits roll.  No explanation, no congratulations.

Just 30 seconds of confetti and fade to black.

So what happened?  Did he run out of time?  Was there something planned that got scrapped at the last moment?  Does anybody even care anymore?

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At the end of the night, the winner didn’t really matter.  What people really tuned for was one last gasp of crazy from the fired contestants who reunited on stage in front of a live television audience.

Among the things we witnessed:

David Cassidy Really Holds A Grudge. Asked by Trump how he felt about Richard Hatch being in jail, the former teen star declared:  “I think he actually is in the right place at the right time…I honestly think when you take the low road where else would you end up than on a cold slab somewhere.” Ouch!

Gary Busey Is Still One French Fry Short of A Happy Meal. “I’m very mysterious when I work and I don’t let others know what I’m thinking or how I’m moving,” he revealed before attempting (several times) to clarify the Omaha Steaks task that lead to his demise.

Star Jones and NeNe Leakes Still Hate Each Other. Jones fired the first shot accusing her season-long nemesis of “using this wonderful platform to attack every single black woman on the show.”  Much of what happened next was hard to follow.  NeNe tried to drown Star out by shouting a bunch of words like :manipulative” and “backstabbing” but the former lawyer got the last word:  “As a professional woman, I was so embarrassed as were so many professional women around the country.”

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