Deep Soap: A Tale Of Two Frustrating Females

Marcy Rylan (CBS)

Marcy Rylan (CBS)

Crash Into You

I cannot think of a character I have less sympathy for right now than Abby (Marcy Rylan) on “The Young & the Restless.” First of all, she drove drunk and critically injured Tucker (Stephen Nichols). Unlike most soap sins, drunk driving is a real life problem. Unlike Luke (Tony Geary) on “General Hospital,” Abby knew how drunk she was. She had just been arrested for alcohol related vandalism. She had an open bottle of vodka in her car. She drank so much champagne at Ashley and Tucker’s party that Victoria made her drink coffee to sober her up. In fact, I was shocked that Ashley (Eileen Davidson) was willing to let her drive in the first place. Abby’s tiny. A couple of glasses of champagne could make her legally drunk.  Then again, it never occurred to Ashley to stop Abby from reenacting Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride by grabbing the shift and putting the car into neutral or park, then yanking her tiny, drunk daughter out of the car. Her brain was not fully functioning that night.

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Then there was Abby’s scheme to make it look like Tucker was cheating on Ashley with Diane (Maura West). While Tucker’s one-night-stand with Diane was not awesome boyfriend behavior, he and Ashley had not been dating for long. If they had any conversations about making the relationship exclusive (do soap characters ever have that conversation?), they happened off-camera. Tucker has been faithful to Ashley ever since. By alpha male billionaire standards, he is an exemplary human being. He certainly holds himself to a far higher standard than his nemesis Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)  does. Though Abby has no way of knowing that, her campaign against Tucker is so contemptible because it’s not about catching him in any actual wrongdoing. It’s about her tricking her mother into believing that her fiance is cheating on her the night before her wedding. Nobody who actually loved and respected her mother would do something so cruel. In fact, Abby was free to ram into Tucker with her car because this man that she hates so much made sure she was not charged for vandalizing the park where there wedding was to be held.

Finally, Abby knows that she was drunk. She knows that the accident happened in her car. Regardless of what she actually remembers, she should know that she is the one who was driving because they were headed to the Abbott cabin. Ashley thought they were going to Abby’s place to watch movies. All of Abby’s tears about how bad she feels about what happened just make me want to slap her. If she does not immediately step up and take responsibility for what happened, I will find her completely irredeemable. It’s a shame, because I really enjoyed the character when Rylan first took over the role. He quest to be a reality star and go against the Abbott/Newman traditions amused me. Unfortunately, the writers have chosen to emphasize her bratty, self-destructive elements of her personality, rather than the spunky, entrepreneurial aspects.

I suspect the ultimate purpose of Tucker’s accident is to introduce his long lost son as a character. (Hmm, could it be Sharon’s friend, the country veterinarian?) But, whatever Tucker’s fate ends up being, Abby may be the ultimate casualty.

Faulty Logic

Speaking of characters who are on my hate list, am I really supposed to sympathize with “General Hospital’s” Carly (Laura Wright) that Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is fighting her for custody of their child? She left Jocelyn in the hospital while she was recovering from transplant surgery so she could accompany Sonny (Maurice Benard) on his quest to track down Brenda’s child. She has installed a guard who is on Jason’s (Steve Burton) payroll to watch Jocelyn. Those are pretty legitimate arguments that Jax should have primary custody. In typical GH fashion, we are supposed to think that Jax is being unreasonable because he is opposed to Carly spending all her time with her mobster friends. What really galls me is the way that Jake’s death is now being evoked as justification for children being raised by criminals. The idea that because Jake died from being hit by a car, having an ordinary childhood is now just as dangerous as growing up in the mob is so logically flawed. Do Jason and Carly believe that since sometimes people die in car accidents even when they are wearing seat belts, nobody should ever wear seat belts?

Carly’s willingness to put Sonny’s needs ahead of her own daughter’s would not bother me were the show not presenting her choice as correct. In the Port Charles universe, Carly had to be there when Sonny brought home Alec because of her unique way with kids, one that no mere social worker with experience with traumatized children could replicate. The recent news that GH is writing Jax off the show is further proof that we are supposed to discount his entirely logical concerns as him being mean and controlling. If the writers want to persuade me that Jax is a jerk, they should have him be as self-absorbed as Carly.

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