‘DWTS’ Chelsea Kane: ‘This Dance Almost Killed Me!’

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas (Photo: ABC)

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas (Photo: ABC)

Whether you loved it or hated it, Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas’ freestyle performance was one of the most memorable in recent years of “Dancing with the Stars.” How could it not be with a low-rider bike dance floor entrance, “Tron”-like lit-up gloves and sneakers, a slew of fancy tricks and flips, and Mark’s trademark edgy choreography.

Yet, the pair pulled it off to the tune of three 10s – while Mark had the flu all week. “I was on my back from Wednesday to Saturday. I felt like crap, but I didn’t let it get to me. I still did my eight, 10 hours and sweated through five T-shirts a day,” he told reporters Monday night.

Did you love or hate Chelsea and Mark’s freestyle routine?

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We caught up with the couple to get the dish on their exciting night…

How did it feel to finally get good marks for being out-of-the-box?
Chelsea: Oh my God. This dance almost killed me. So to come out with that score was just so awesome!

Did you notice the lights in your sneakers go out?
Chelsea: I felt my battery pack fall off at the very first kick. And I was like, oh no. I actually wasn’t even thinking of the lights as much as that thing flying and knocking Mark out, like chipping a tooth. I knew the floor work was coming up and was worried if it was going to catch. There were a lot of thoughts going on.

How did the bike entrance idea come about?
Mark: I don’t know. We had a very Latin song. It was just the vibe and I was like, how can we make a different entrance and I thought let’s get a bike, like a real BMX low-rider bike. We thought it would be fun.

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Chelsea, did you think he was crazy?
Chelsea: There’s no such thing as crazy in this competition anymore. Any idea, you start to go, ‘Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That sounds like a great idea. Oh, you want me to flip upside down and like fly around with the bionic woman chords all over my leg? Yeah! That sounds like a really good idea. Let’s do it!’ The phrase ‘less is more’ does not exist anymore here.

What have you gained from this experience?
Chelsea: The confidence level. The dress rehearsal of this dance was pretty much a disaster. We can laugh about it now, but I fell out of almost every one of the lifts and I was trying not to cry, and having that moment of oh my god are we doing that thing that everyone talks about where you just choke in the finals? I definitely thought this was it. Nine weeks of perfect performances and then we just blow it in the end? Overcoming stuff like that has been really great.

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