Margulies Curses Network Execs for Pitting Women Against Each Other

Julianna Margulies (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Julianna Margulies (Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Julianna Margulies is happy so many new fall shows will star women, and thinks her show “The Good Wife” was a catalyst for that change. But while she’s glad to see women featured in prime time, she is not a fan of networks scheduling those shows against each other.

“I don’t understand executives that pit women against each other, the fact that (ABC) brought in ‘Body of Proof‘ – Dana Delaney is a friend of mine, and the two of us were just rolling our eyes. It’s like, of course, you finally have two great female leads and you’re going to put us on against each other,” Margulies told The Huffington Post.

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She had strong words for the network executives who decide schedules: “You’re a**holes. You should have put them on against a different show to see where they go.”

When her Peabody Award-winning show, about a wife who goes back to work as a lawyer after she was cheated on by her husband, returns in the fall, Margulies won’t be up against her friend anymore, but she’ll still be up against some formidable females. CBS moved “The Good Wife” to 9 p.m. Sundays, where it will compete against “Desperate Housewives.”

“At first I was taken aback because you always think a move is a bad sign. And then I started thinking about it — this was all in the span of like five minutes — and I was like wait, that was ‘The Sopranos’ spot,” said Margulies, who guest starred on that show as one of Tony’s many mistresses.

“That’s like my favorite time to watch television,” she said. Margulies said she thought the move could help attract a wider audience to the show, which she said is hard to categorize.

“We’re not a procedural, we’re not a serial, we’re a legal, political, human show, and any given week can be something else, and I think it allows us not to be pigeonholed,” she said.

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