The Oprah Countdown: 10 Things We’ll Miss Most

Oprah and Gayle at Yosemite National Park (HARPO)

Oprah and Gayle at Yosemite National Park (HARPO)

Wednesday, May 25th at 5pm EST = The O-pacalypse. After 25 glorious years of being entertained, empowered, and educated, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” will come to an end…and we will wander in daytime TV purgatory to no end. Katie Couric, will you try to save us?

As much as you’ve been Oprah’d out lately, here’s another fine read for you to become overwhelmed with suffering and emotion—we call it the Harpo Syndrome…

See Which Stars Appeared At Oprah’s Farewell Spectacular:

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In honor of and dedication to the iconic Miss O, here are 10 reasons we’ll forever miss her:

Gayle and Oprah – Oprah taught us that the litmus test for being true BFFs is when people start spreading rumors that you’re gay. We’ll miss these two peas-in-a-pod, their inside jokes, their trips together, and Gayle’s cool and non-jealous attitude—just how a best friend should be. Awww.

The Oprah Lip Sync & Dance – Whether she was going goo goo for Gaga or getting teary-eyed for Whitney, Oprah made her arm swaying, head boppin’, and lip syncing a tradition in her concert segments. And who could ever forget Oprah letting out her inner Tina—even donning the legendary singer’s shaggy mane—and shaking her bon bon with the diva on stage? “You’re Simply the Best…better than all the rest!”

The OMGahh Giveaways – “You get a car! You get a car! And you get a car!” Oprah redefined what it meant to get Talk Show Swag, bringing her audience (and you for not being there) to mass hysteria and tears! We’re also thankful that she didn’t forget us bucket eaters…as if you had forgotten about those KFC coupons.

The Oprah Yell – If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then you’re not a true Oprah disciple. Miss O made it fun to bellow out greetings as if breaking out into song: “Come on ouuuuuuttt!” as well as famous people’s names “Julia Roberrrrrrts!”



The Ugly Cry – You know how it goes: Your face contorts like you’re constipated, your nostrils flare, and your mouth’s agape and shaking uncontrollably. We all do it, but Miss O made it famous and demonstrated it a-plenty—most notably when she reunited with her grade school teacher and that famous surprise meeting with Mary Tyler Moore. (But we actually think she looks cute doing it).

Monumental Interviews – Aside from Babs Walters, Oprah was the only person who could leverage interviews with: the intimidating Madonna, the uber shy Michael Jackson, the gay and HIV-positive Greg Louganis, the questionably sober Whitney Houston, the sexually abused Mackenzie Phillips, the incomparable Sidney Poitier, and the couch-jumping Tom Cruise—to name just a few—and get these usually guarded stars to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets.

The Oprah Book Club – With Oprah’s blessing, she made reading red hot again and gave bookworms a platform to have intellectually and emotionally stimulating conversations on a national scale. From Toni Morrison to the more controversial Jonathan Franzen and James Frey—she not only celebrated these authors’ award-winning works, but she also brought to light their humanity…and well, hiccups.

Spiritual Enlightenment – Another of many Oprah firsts, the Queen of Gab made the traditionally taboo subject of spirituality something comfortable to talk about, question, and explore publicly. We watched her make the terms “Ego” and “Centered” part of our everyday vernacular—well, in the least Jenny McCarthy’s. And who could forget waking up to Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth Webcast Series? For those with a propensity for psychic energy and flying saucers, she even tapped into the mind of the brilliant Shirley MacLaine.

Making Her Friends Famous – We like Oprah the Host, and Oprah the Pay-It-Forward Business Woman. Just ask her buddies Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and Rachel Ray. Their obscenely successful talk shows means one thing: She owns their souls! Mwah hahahaha. We’ll miss Oprah inviting them as pop-in guests on her show, especially Dr. Oz and all of his bowel movement convos.

Empowering Women – From her lifelong battle with weight and dieting, to her shows about physical and sexual abuse, to her fun-filled makeovers, to introducing us to the unforgivably fit Bob Green—she made us rediscover our mojo and the freedom in forgiving others and ourselves—even when we’ve been guilty of those fudge brownie sundae-filled nights.

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