Hines Ward Plans to Do ‘DWTS’ Dance in End Zone

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson win 'Dancing with the Stars' (Photo: ABC)

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson win 'Dancing with the Stars' (Photo: ABC)

How’s he going to celebrate his big “Dancing with the Stars” win? Maybe not by going to Disneyland as many Super Bowl winners have said, but Hines Ward – Season 12’s champion- does plan to bring a little “DWTS” to the end zone.

“I’m doing a tribute to Kym every time I score a touchdown. You will see my ‘Dancing with the Stars’ routine somewhere in the end zone,” promised the NFL star moments after taking home the mirror ball trophy with partner Kym Johnson Tuesday night. The Pittsburgh Steeler plans to put his trophy right next to his MVP trophy.

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Hines also plans to finally actually watch his performances on the show. “I tried not to reflect back on it [during the season] because every week we learned a new dance,” he told reporters. “So I’m going to go home and play it and replay it.”

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On his big win, the humble NFL star said he didn’t feel it going into the finale. “No, because anyone is deserving to win this mirror ball tonight because it was so tight. It’s just phenomenal. I didn’t want to let Kym down all season because I wanted her to win her second mirror ball trophy.”

For a moment after Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas placed third, Hines doubted whether he and Kym would take the honors. “I looked over and I saw Kirstie and I thought, ‘Oh jeez, everybody loves Kirstie.’ So if it’s coming down to voting, I really didn’t know how I would match up with Kirstie,” said Hines, who lost 15 pounds during the show.

Though the pair have been top three scorers all season long, Kym credits Monday night’s performances to giving them the extra edge. “I feel like our freestyle really got us this mirror ball,” she said. “I think Steeler nation got behind us and all of his fans, now I can rest and relax. I wanted to push myself and I’m glad I did because it was worth it.”

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