‘American Idol’ Scotty McCreery Thought Lauren Had It in the Bag

Scotty McCreery wins American Idol Season 10 (FOX)

Scotty McCreery wins American Idol Season 10 (FOX)

Lauren Alaina might have known that Scotty McCreery was going to win, but the winner himself? Not so much.

“Last night, watching her sing I thought, She can really take this thing and run a long ways with it,” Scotty told reporters backstage after being crowned the winner of “American Idol’s” 10th season Wednesday night. “In that moment when Ryan [Seacrest] was saying it, I just kept saying, ‘Alright Lauren’s got this.'”

On the shock of winning, he said, “It’s amazing. It really is. Whoever  thought a grocery story bagger would [win] on this? I remember watching the show last year, it didn’t even cross my mind that this could happen.”

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As for those dating rumors about him and Lauren – fueled further when Lauren told press Wednesday night to “ask Scotty” whether they are dating or not, Scotty responded, “She’s a character. Isn’t she? She really is. No, we’re really close friends. We’ve grown really tight over the weeks because we’ve been in school together. But I don’t know about the dating part. She’s just being funny.”

That said, the two are thinking of putting a duet on his debut album. “I hope so. We talked about it. I think we sound great together so I think it would be a wise choice for the album,” he revealed, adding that he hopes to head to Nashville as soon as possible to get cracking on his first album.

But in the meantime, the teen country singer joked about his immediate plans: “I’m just a normal kid. I’ll be on the couch watching Sports Center eating some chips or something.”

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