‘American Idol’s Lauren Alaina: Second Place Isn’t Losing

Lauren Alaina on American Idol (FOX)

Lauren Alaina on American Idol (FOX)

Lauren Alaina had been teary-eyed all season, but when it came down to coming in second place behind her good pal Scotty McCreery on “American Idol’s” season finale, she didn’t shed a single tear.

“Every day I learned something new about myself,” she told reporters backstage after the finale Wednesday night. “I learned that I cry a lot. But I didn’t cry tonight because I was happy. How could I be unhappy with second place? There’s a million people out there that would love to be in my position. I’m blessed.”

But there was another reason she didn’t cry: she wasn’t surprised at her loss. “I knew Scotty was gonna to win,” she said. “I told him, ‘Scotty, are you ready to win? And he was like, ‘Are you?’ And I said, ‘No because you are going to.’ I knew he was in my heart and I accepted it. I couldn’t have picked a more perfect person to get second place to and I know that sounds cheesy but he’s my best friend and I love him. And I didn’t lose. I got second place! That’s still winning.”

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As for those rumors about Lauren and Scotty dating, she said, “Ask Scotty. I would never tell.” She did explain the throat problems that almost derailed her on Tuesday night, though. “I have asthma really bad, so I think all the smoke got to me yesterday. But it’s okay. I’m talking today,” she said.

At one point during the press conference, the teen looked out at the melancholy faces in the press room and in her upbeat disposition she said, “Everyone looks like they’re gonna cry! Why is everyone sad? This is a happy moment.”

As for her future plans, yes, a country record is in the works and of course the “American Idol” tour kicks off in July. Maybe working with her idol Carrie Underwood, who joined her onstage for a rendition of her hit “Before He Cheats,”  is also in the works? Lauren revealed to reporters just what Miss Underwood said to her after the two performed: “She said, ‘Wow that was incredible. We should take that out on the road.”

In the meantime, Lauren has other plans; “I get to sleep and eat unhealthy food,” then she paused and said, “Actually I’m not gonna do that.”

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