Piers Morgan Previews New Season of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Piers Morgan on 'America's Got Talent.' (Photo: NBC)

Piers Morgan on 'America's Got Talent.' (Photo: NBC)

Piers Morgan is well qualified to judge jugglers.  “Nobody has more balls in the air than I do,” he says.

With his nightly interview show on CNN and the new season of “America’s Got Talent” about to kick off May 31, you have to wonder where outspoken Brit will find time to make good on his promise to “torture and dismember” fellow judge Howie Mandel!

Morgan admits pulling double duty has presented more than a few unexpected predicaments – including a recent publish lashing by his own wife in a U.K. magazine:

“When I sat down and realized what my schedule would be like, what I didn’t factor in was the sheer volume of huge breaking news stories,” he told XFinityTV when we caught up recently.

“That has meant that I have often been doing an audition show for three hours, going to the roof of the theatre and an anchoring a CNN live hour from rooftop.  Or from a side room.

“The great thing about CNN is they have great resources.  I could almost anchor my show from anywhere in the world.  That is what I have been doing.”

Why Does Piers Pick On Howie?

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It looked like it all might blow up in your face in Minneapolis…
It nearly did.  I missed a day of shows from ‘AGT’ because I had this day from Hell traveling.  I didn’t get there until midnight. [Morgan’s flight was delayed because of severe weather.]

Did the show go on without you?
They did a little bit but we just asked all the acts to come back the next day.  We did three shows instead of two.  No one missed out.

You shared the entire experience with your 770,000 followers on Twitter.  It was quite comical.
Unless you were me!  It was like a perfect storm where I had to get to the auditions, Elizabeth Taylor had died, the producer is in Minneapolis and I wasn’t there.  It was total chaos.

How did that end up?  Did you ever hear from Delta?
Delta flew me to Minneapolis on a private jet.  Because they wanted to shut me up.  I decided that given what they had cost “America’s Got Talent” already that day, I would accept their grateful offer.

Howie says the acts this season are becoming more dangerous.
We have got guys coming off of theatre roofs, flap diving into 12 inches of water.  We’ve got 8 year-old kids driving motorbikes at 80 miles and hour around steel walls.  We’ve had two people fall off stage.  We’ve had sword fights.  There is one act where there is a woman gymnast/entertainer who flings herself thirty feet up in the air and lands on a tiny bar that is flexible and bendy and propels her back up again.  It is unbelievably dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

How do you make sure there isn’t an accident on live TV?
You can’t.  That is part of the excitement of the show.

You want to keep people safe, right?
People go to the circus.

Circus performers are professionals.
People working this shows are semi-professionals… Like Terry Fator.  Now he is (in Vegas) on the strip earning $100 million.

With the success last year of Jackie Evancho, should we expect more opera singers?
You are gonna get a few opera singers.  This year we have a very interesting one.  She’s a young girl, very talented, very different kind of singer.  But it is operatic.  As I say, it tends to be an evolutionary show.  If you get an opera singer winning, you get a lot of opera singers.  We are getting more magicians now because the magicians did really well last year.

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