Arrogance is Key Ingredient in Ramsay’s ‘MasterChef’

Gordon Ramsay (FOX)

Gordon Ramsay (FOX)

Gordon Ramsay knows just what he is looking for on the second season of “MasterChef.”

“When you have got food in front of you, ingredients, you need to be sort of quite ballsy and somewhat selfish with a part of arrogance,” he says. “You need to sort of say ‘Hey, I can make this dish better than you.’

“I never want to get into a superficial world where we’re all scared to say ‘S**t that tastes delicious’ or ‘Well done, that’s bloody amazing.’  So I like that kind of attitude:  confidence and a smidgeon of arrogance.   I think it is quite healthy to be ballsy!”

Preview “MasterChef” Season Two:

[iframe–MasterChef-Season-2/embed 580 476]

The show — which returns for a second season Monday night at 8/7c on Fox — features 100 of the best amateur cooks in Americas, including an oil rig engineer, a forklift operator, a professional poker player, and a tattoo shop owner.

“MasterChef” is “more high end” than it’s competitors, Ramsay, 45, insisted in a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

“It is packed with adrenaline.  It is littered with a few curse words – not from me, from the contestants.  And there is a journey.  There is an amazing journey with the contestants.  These are home cooks that are coming out of their day jobs and entering an amazing kitchen for an amazing prize.”

Cooking shows are a popular pastime for the sometimes foul-mouthed foodie.

“I tell everybody I don’t watch them, but of course I do,” he admits.  “I am obsessed with them.  ‘Top Chef’ because everybody wants to see me on there.  And ‘Iron Chef’ because everybody wants to see me go up against Mario Batali.  If they can film “Iron Chef” between midnight and 6 in the morning, I will be very happy to take them on.

“I also quite enjoy ‘Master Chef Juniors.’  To see nine and ten year-olds coming in with that level of bravado and cockiness is quite funny.”

What doesn’t make him laugh, Ramsay says, is wife Tana downloading episode of ‘The Real Housewives” on his iPad.

“I can’t quite believe I sat on a plane last week and there it was on my iPad,” he shares.  “And she says: ‘I thought you might want to watch it.’  Uh, no.  I am a chef, Darling.  I don’t want to see ladies arguing and fighting over a glass of wine about who broke their nail!”

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