Two ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestants Fall Off the Stage

by | June 1, 2011 at 10:42 AM | America's Got Talent, TV News

'America's Got Talent' (Photo: NBC)

'America's Got Talent' (Photo: NBC)

Oh, summertime fare, how we’ve missed you.

Season 6 of “America’s Got Talent” premiered Tuesday night, with a new batch of wacky, wonderful and woefully awful contestants.

While there were several scene-stealers – like the trio of wee six-year-old rappers, who were listening to the “wadio” one day and just started “wapping” as they explained to judge Howie Mandel, there were also a few memorable-for-the-wrong-reason standouts.

Because some of the talent took a tumble – literally. Not one but two “AGT” contestants fell off the stage – with one of the acts sending the alarmed judges jumping from their seats to take cover.

The first was the singing and dancing (the robot…really, guy???) utility worker from Denver, who ignored the buzzers and plowed right through his routine – with disastrous results.

Watch the Fall Guy Here:


After the first scare, not five minutes later, a second contestant also did a stage dive. This time, it was some guy calling himself “Metatron” the “Angel of Light.” We’re still not sure what his talent was supposed to be (he said something about “showing us the way” while singing poorly), but as Howie pointed out, this “Angel of Light” failed to see the lights … and lost his way – right off the stage!

Watch Metatron flop on “AGT”:


Luckily neither contestant was injured in the mishaps (except for maybe their pride), and since neither act lit up the stage either, they will not be advancing to Las Vegas for the next round.

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