Colbert Picks Emmys Fight with Arch Frenemy Fallon

by | June 2, 2011 at 11:15 AM | The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central)

First it was ice cream. Now it’s the Emmys.

On Wednesday’s “Colbert Report,” Stephen Colbert mourned his bitter Emmy losses to Jon Stewart, then promptly took aim at a different late night host – Jimmy Fallon.  In a segment called “Who’s Riding My Coattails,” Colbert showed a copy of the DVD package sent by NBC to Emmy voters, and feigned shock in discovering that the “Late Night” submission featured a photo of him and Fallon together. “We’re competing in the same category, Jimmy!” he yelled. “You’re trying to beat me with me!”

So how did he seek revenge? Watch below:

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