A Field Guide to Television Werewolves

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf (MTV)

Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf (MTV)

Watch out, vampires. The werewolves are doing their best to usurp you this summer. “Teen Wolf” premieres on MTV on Sunday, June 5. The series is a 21st century take on the 1980s Michael J. Fox film substituting angst and scares for jokes and basketball.  When “True Blood” returns later this month, sexy werewolf Alcide will be as big a draw as vampires Bill and Eric. They join “Vampire Diaries’” Tyler, and “Being Human’s” Josh as television’s current lycanthropes. With so many werewolves on screen, it can be difficult to keep track of all of their powers, mythologies and vulnerabilities.  That’s why we have put together this helpful guide.

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Werewolf: Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), “Teen Wolf
Origin: Bitten by an older werewolf while investigating a dead body in the woods.
Powers: Superior speed, vision and agility.
Vulnerabilities: Wolfsbane. Wooden arrows. Silver.
Allies: Best friend Stiles, werewolf Derek, love interest Alison.
Enemies: BMOC Jackson Whitemore, the Hunters whose mission is to kill werewolves.
Positives: Scott uses his new werewolf powers to get a starting spot on the lacrosse team. He also has a new confidence that allows him to pursue his dream girl. According to Executive Producer Jeff Davis, “His life becomes better after being eaten by a werewolf. It also becomes worse. It’s kind of a be careful what you wish for story.”
Negatives: Has to leave his date with Allison when he starts to transition. Must keep his wolf status a secret from everyone but his best friend, Stiles. A team of werewolf hunters have arrived in town.
Mythology: Says Davis, “Well, we certainly keep the full moon, because who can resist that one? It’s where we get the word lunatic. So there’s so much good visuals to be had with that. But I will tell you that silver’s a little different in our version. Wolfsbane has a certain kryptonite-like quality where different types have different effects on them… There’s a very specific reason hunters use arrows which is answered in the webisodes that we’re about to shoot.”

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Werewolf: Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino), “The Vampire Diaries
Origin: Inherited the wolf trait from his father.
Powers: Super strength and speed, heightened senses, instantaneous healing. During the full moon, turns into a wolf, which is an agonizing process. While a wolf, has super strength and a desire to kill anyone — human or vampire — who he comes across. Wolf bites are fatal to vampires.
Vulnerabilities: Wolfsbane, the device invented by Jonathan Gilbert. Decapitation. Witches can use their powers to give wolves aneurysms.
Allies: Other werewolves, Caroline, the Salvatore brothers, Elena and Bonnie.
Enemies: Klaus, most vampires.
Positives: Other than strength and the ability to kill vampires, there really is nothing good about being a werewolf in this universe. It truly is a curse.
Negatives: During the full moon, goes through a violent, painful physical transformation. Must spent the duration of the moon chained up to avoid killing innocent people.
Mythology: The werewolf curse is passed down from parent to child. However, the curse is only activated if a werewolf kills a person. Vampires and werewolves have been enemies for centuries. Their rivalry began when Elijah’s father, an original vampire, killed Klaus’s biological father, a werewolf.

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Werewolf: Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello), “True Blood
Origin: Descended from a long line of werewolves in Jackson, Mississippi.
Powers: Can shapeshift at will. Skilled stone mason. Sharpshooter. Extreme hotness.
Vulnerabilities: Werewolves are not as powerful as vampires in this universe. Drinking V gives them additional strength. Alcide is vulnerable to Sookie’s charms.
Allies: Sookie Stackhouse
Enemies: Vampires, Russell Eddington, Coot’s pack of V drinking werewolves, Debbie Pelt (deceased), Cooter (deceased), Gus (deceased).
Positives: In this universe, werewolves are just another species. They are not cursed. The wolves are members of packs, which govern members behavior. Though they are traditional enemies, werewolves have forged alliances with vampires over common interests.
Negatives: Some werewolves have become addicted to V and have fallen under the thrall of Russell Eddington.
Mythology: The werewolves of “True Blood” have a long, complicated relationship with vampires. During World War II, vampires disguised themselves as Nazis and attacked a werewolf. Some werewolves who drink V consider Russell Eddington, the vampire king of Mississippi, to be their master.

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Werewolf: Josh (Sam Huntington) “Being Human
Origin: Bitten by a werewolf named Ray.
Powers: Superhuman strength.
Vulnerabilities: Unable to control himself while in wolf form during the full moon. Must be locked up to avoid killing innocent people.
Allies: His roommates: Aidan, a vampire, and Sally, a ghost. Nora, his human girlfriend.
Enemies: Marcus, a powerful vampire. Vampires and werewolves are rivals in this universe.
Positives: None. To Josh, this truly is a curse.
Negatives: Becoming a werewolf ruined Josh’s life. He went from an aspiring doctor with a loving family and fiancee to an outcast, living in constant fear of killing people.
Mythology: People become werewolves by getting bitten. That’s it.

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